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May 28, 2005
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I was diagnosed with possible SPD at the end of my first trimester but never got it seen to. I don't think i have it very badly but I do find it very uncomfortable turning over in bed and I find it hard to walk up stairs and put on trousers without sitting down. I'm now finding that I have a pain like being very bruised at the back of the tops of my legs (similar to feeling saddle sore). It's very sore to sit down. Is this SPD or just a pregnancy ache?
Hi louise,

I have exactly the same, mine is definately SPD, i am under a physio for it, ask your midwife if she can refer you to your maternity physio.
Believe me it helps, and if i didn't go then i would really struggling to walk, she has given me supports and gadgets to help around the house.

Don't let them fob you off with ligament pains and growing etc, this can get quite serious if not treated.

If you want to PM me then you are more than welcome. i can pass on exercises etc
Hi there
me too, i was fobbed off in the begining by being told its just growing pains only to later get to the point where i was taken into hospital to be told i did have SPD. Went to the physio, and now have a lovely belt to wear. Sitting on sofa, getting in and out of bed and walking are a nightmare.
Same here, the pains you have described were what I was getting. Midwife kept on saying it was normal pregnancy pains, eventually have been diagnosed with SPD. Saw physio within a week and am waiting for the lovely support belt. I said it was like I was asdlle sore or had run a marathon. Plus my front bone is the worst, hurts to put on trousers, cross my legs, go up stairs, in fact anyhting I need to do day to day. Driving can also be sore. Hope you get it sorted hun xx
Thanks everyone, I'll ask my midewife tomorrow when i see her. She's normally prety good. If not I'll pop to the doctor. Don't want to get up for anything because it means sitting down again. :cry:

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