Sore Belly!! Anyone Else? Also very teary!!!


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi girls

I have seven weeks left until the big day.....I am feeling very teary and feel like I want to cry, even though I am perfectly happy. Also, my stomach is getting quite sore in places (inside) - is this because my little baby is getting bigger and stronger? It feels very cramped inside now!!! Is this normal? I feeel almost bruised inside my belly!

Julia xxx
I still have nine weeks to go and mt belly is starting to feel sore at the bottom. I did suffer with SPD in the 2nd trimester which seems to come and go now that baby is moving about more at the top of my belly but now find its sore and feels stretched/tender at the bottom, particulary when I move around.
As for tears, seems to be on and off. Starting to lose interest in work again now which happened within the first 12 weeks then started to settled. Get very uptight, fed up, teary or just angry with myself for no real reason......hormones eh!
Hiya, its diferent with every person with the pains.........ive had no lower pain but loads of upper belly tenderness
As for the tears..........i think we have all had that.........not the nicest and it doesnt stop, quite funny the things u cry over though!
The sore tummy is normal but not nice Its a solid feeling and the last thing you want is a little , person kicking from the inside. As for teary, thats sooo normal.

You are very very normal :D
Ditto the above! Can i join the list of hormonal bruised mommies??

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