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Discussion in 'Research & Media' started by Me, My Girls & I, Jan 25, 2012.

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    :wave: as some of you know, I've been getting a bit crafty recently :lol: I'm now starting to broaden my horizons and wanted some input!

    Things currently in the pipeline are: bunting, toothfairy cushions and pe type drawstring bags!

    -what sort of things would you be interested in buying? Any of the above? Or other ideas?

    -what sort of prices would you be looking at?

    -would you like the option of choosing your own fabric and sending it?

    Thanks guys :love:
  2. kra0

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    Mar 20, 2011
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    Love the idea of cute little tooth fairy pillows. As for bunting, would be lovely to be able to pick own colours and have child's name across but I think more people would prob find it easier if you have the fabrics already and they just get to chose colours and materials themselves from what you have? Not sure on prices would depend on fabrics used etc! Good luck Xx

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