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Jun 8, 2005
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at the minute im living in foster care and have been here for 4 years, there fine with me being pregnant now and have helped quite abit although there really over protective of me and want everything done there way especially my foster mum.i dont want to bring up my little girl with her telling me to do everything her way.

im meeting social on monday but waiting to find out whther ive got to stay here is doing my head in!

does anyone know whether ive got to stay here until im 18 or not because my cousin is 19 and has a girl of her, and the council have just allocated her a 3 bed house and shes asked me to move in with her.

what are the chances socials gonna let this happen?

would be really grateful for any replies.

Thanks Jo xx
Hiya, my mum is a foster carer, and I have a 16 year old foster sister who is 36 weeks pregnant ( I am 22 only 8/9 weeks gone). She is under a "supervision order" which means that she is in care until 18, and the baby will be put on the order too. It is good in a way as atleast my mum can make sure that she is taking proper care of the baby, and that she or the baby aren't at any risk. Your situation might be totally different, check it out with your worker, although when the baby is born, you might be grateful for all the help you can get, I will be! ;o)

Good luck x
Hi Jo - I don't know anything about thi I'm afraid hunnie - I just wanted to say that I hope you do get to be with your cousin - it would be a nice fresh start. but don't be downheartened if you have to stay. It won't be for too long, just a couple of years and then you can move out. It sounds a long time but with a nipper I bet it will fly by.

(Sorry we didn't chat yesterday by the way!!) xxx

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