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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Keeponhoping, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Just wanted others thoughts really. So myself and my husband are no longer on Facebook anymore, but my mother in law is and she keeps posting pictures of baby on Facebook without asking and my sister text me the other day saying lovely photo I saw etc etc. For some reason we both just feel uneasy about her posting these photos without our permission. Just want to protect their privacy but that's just me. How would others feel on this? And how would I approach it to ask her to stop without upsetting her?
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    It's very hard to ask without hurting her. My MIL used to do it on Instagram and I felt very uncomfortable about it, I told her that I thought it was sweet that she loved my DD so much to post the pictures but that I didn't want the photos to fall into the wrong hands. Once they are online, you don't know who does what with them and imagine if a pervert or something sees them and decides to look us up or find us. As my MIL had a public account, I asked her to remove the photos and she did and she did understand.
    But if you have an account on Facebook, you can report the pictures if they were posted without your permission. Maybe you can ask your sister to do it?x
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    I wouldn’t be best pleased. I know some people put pics up all the time, I used to! But my account is private. As ds has gotten older I rarely post pics. I have had friends posting group pics with ds in them and I’ve asked them on occasion not to, but then it happens again... and again.

    you just need to tell her quite politely that you aren’t comfortable with it, and as an absolute minimum she has to make her account private. Maybe suggest another private photo sharing app, I use Lifecake with my family, only people I’ve invited can see the pics. She’s just being a proud grandmother and probably doesn’t realise the danger of social media! good luck.

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