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So pissed off!

pink lady

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May 18, 2005
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I registered with TWO temp agencys in Northern ireland, Reed and Grafton. At the start which was April, i got a few offers and my cv was put forward for quite a few temp jobs. NONE of them came through for me however! I found this soooo infuriating as i was only 12 weeks when i registered, not showing at all and i have 5 GCSE's and an NVQ in admin plus 4 years military background, a pretty solid CV i had been told.

Well if it;s that solid how come i have worked the grand total of one day and three hours for them? two separate temp jobs since April? i am now over 6 months and feel so bored and frustrated. I really want to work but every time i ring them, which is weekly, they say nothing is suitable at the moment for me. I have spoken to supervisors etc and they all say the same. I know i'm qualified to do the basic jobs at least and still i haveno joy. They never ring me now, and i have no way to prove it but since i told them i was preg the contact stopped almost altogether.

Any suggestions would be greatly received, i feel really pissed off if you couldn't tell already! so i'm going to do some yoga to unwind. Hope to hear from you soon

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