So far this baby has cost me next to nothing!


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Aug 23, 2008
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I hope i don't sound like a cheapskate but all i have spent so far is about £35!!

I already had:

high chair
baby sofa (seat for him like a bouncer)
Cot and pram blankets

Then i got given:

a cot
a moses basket and stand
a packet of newborn nappies
LOADS of clothes (enough to last him the first 3 months at least)

I bought:

a mamas and papas buggy with carry cot and car seat £20 from car boot
an avent steriliser £2 from car boot
some clothes and blanket about £15

I can't believe how nice people have been, this baby was totally unexpected as i thought we had finished our family, but at least i haven't had to worry about the cost of having a baby!
Go you!! When i found out i was pregnant we didnt have much money so i started buying things from the off. I bargain hunted trawling carboots and got given alot of stuff. I bet his whole nursery and clothes came to 50 quid or less. My most expensive buy was a second hand mamas and papas travel system in great condition (worth £500) for £80. I didnt buy loads of clothes or bouncer/playmats as he was bought all that as prezzies when he was born :D . He has a whole chest of drawers full of clothes waiting to grow into aswell.
I barely spent anything on the Arrival of Angel. A few bits of clothes and just nappies. I probably spent about the same as you.
Mum bought my travel system. I wasn't happy about that as she finds things tight but it was the deal she had made with my two sisters who both had kids before me so felt that she had to.
Then cot, moses basket and stand, highchair, even bags of clothes all given to me.
Take what you can.
Nice one hun, you must be pleased! :D

I'm the same really, I've only bought a few bits and bobs like clothes... got a few blue outfits and a few packs of vest and sleepsuits, but I'm going to go through all of Amber's stuff and sort out all the cream/white outfits, bibs, sleepsuits, etc., coz there's tons of them!

The travel system we used for her is in perfect condition so don't have to worry about that, her cot and crib are in the loft for when the time comes, and my Mum bought us a Moses basket the other day! Also got her highchair in a cupbpard under the stairs.. not even buying bottles/steriliser this time as I really want to try breastfeeding for as long I can, so will only rush out and buy them if there's some reason I can't, think we have jst about everything ready for this one!
Just show's babies don't have to cost the earth! :clap:
Lou said:
Just show's babies don't have to cost the earth! :clap:

They really don't! So many people go overboard buying loads of new stuff that barely gets used, meaning there's always lots of second hand bargains about.

I want a new pram/pushchair this time (as I've gone off Stanley's) but that's it. I've still got all his clothes, nappies and toys. And friends are ready to donate girl stuff if I get a pink flavour one. :D

Well done Cixes :clap:
Thanks Girls i am glad i am not the only one who likes freebies and bargains!
We don need a lot this time either, we have all Olivia's bits too!

We have her, cot, moses basket and blankets, baby bath and baby box, swing, play mat andall her baby toys. And now we know we are having another girl we can use Olivia's highchair, cot bedding and i have all her clothes from newborn to 0-3 months that i couldnt part with as i loved them.

Like minxy we have bought a new pram as we wanted one that we can click the carseat onto this time, will also need a nice fleece pram blanket and a baby chair and probably just some little bits that i cnt hink of at the min
I know some people who won't have anything second hand but nowadays we live in a world where recycling is key to helping our enviroment and protecting our childrens futures. I have no qualms (nice word :wink: ) with seconds and I tell you what last year has really made me think about how and where I spend our money! :D
ive spent about £30 on a new few clothes - but all brought in the sales

I have splashed out £20 on a new changing bag, but i needed a new one for alice's stuff as our current one is ripping anyway so im not counting that.

Ive got LOADS of alice's old stuff (so glad i brought loads of neutral stuff!).

The only thing i am going to have to pay out some money for is a new pram. Alice has a pink buggy, and im not evil enough to put him in that. but we are waiting till he is here so we can work out if we 'need' a double or not. we hardly use alice's buggy as it is.... but even then im keeping my eyes on ebay, gumtree and freecycle :wink:

Freecycle has been a good send for the bulk of his clothes!!

The only thing i want to get is a decent expresser, but again, im planning to leave it till i know if breastfeeding is going to work, etc. im not buying bottles, so if breastfeeding doesn't work i will need to get some of them.

But I do still need to get things like nappies, more wipes that kinda thing. i have stocked up on alice's nappies over the last few weeks.
Very similar here Cixes.

We've been given:
Moses basket
Crib (loaned)
Changing station with changing mat
LOADS of clothes for first 3 months
Cot mobile
Johnson's baby stuff
Baby bath
Cot bedding/moses basket bedding
Travel cot
Little tikes trike with push along pole thingy.

My mum's getting us the travel system from ebay, 2nd hand. I've bought a few new clothes and stocking up on nappies. My friend who gave us the changing station told us about a second hand sale a couple of months ago and we got a bath insert thingy so the baby can lie in the bath and I have my hands free, baby sleeping bag, muslin cloths and some body suits for next to nothing. There is another in May so we are going to go back and see what bargains we can find then too.

My sister is getting us the cotbed mattress too!

People have been so generous and I am so grateful. This is my 3rd child and my first 2 were from a previous relationship and I never thought I'd have anymore so gave all my baby things away. Now people are giving me their baby things that they don't need anymore. and I'll pass on the things we no longer need when the time comes too :D

New things are lovely but not necessary at all. If money was not an issue then maybe I'd buy mostly new but I still would not turn away a generous offer of a second hand item either.
I really want a 3rd baby and like you I will recycle, buy 2nd hand, take freebies etc, but the big cost for me would be having to buy a bigger car as only got a small one suitable for family of 4 :wall: and then of course the lack of wages while on maternity, and then the childcare if I go back to work :wall:
I'd love another though, you're very lucky :)
the only things we have bought are a second-hand 3 wheeler (which my OH really wanted as he wants to take baby jogging when its old enough) for £30 and i bought its coming home outfit (forgot how much that was)

my parents have bought us the bugaboo and car seat and mum has been accumulating a stash of nappies, baby lotions, bibs, clothes, wipes etc

we have had from freecycle- changing unit, steriliser, baby bath, some clothes and toys, nappy wrapper, cloth nappies (not for first couple of months but would like to try them when babys a couple of months old)

have promise of a loan of a moses basket

friends and SIL also gonna have a look through their baby stuff and see what they can loan us

have money from my great-aunt which is gonna pay for a play mat and bouncer

cant believe how well we are doing at the moment without hardly spending anything- its great!
I was very lucky really, as OH has two neices that were born 1 year before and 6 months before Hannah. Both mothers are very 'trendy' EVERYTHING had to be designer, band new, top of the range ectectec. By the time hananh was born there was litrally suite cases full of clothes I SWEAR most NEVER worn, still tagged. I was given mosses basket, m&p pram, walker, activity centre, toys toys and more toys...
Then i had emily, who also benifited from them lol (tho like walker/activity centre had to buy new as HANNAH is a very heavy handed child and she'd wrecked them lol)

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