so confused when I've concieved. ..

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Chat' started by honeybear, Jul 12, 2016.

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    Last month
    my cycle started on the 1st June as normal as it has been for the last year they where around 31 days apart so like almost slap bang on the same data every month.

    I started on the pill after my period
    I went on holiday and bled again from the 16th-19th June

    My clear blue last week said 1-2 on Tuesday and yesterday my clear blue says 2-3
    a scan last thursday showed no visable pregnancy yet just a thickened uterus. My hcg on Saturday was 268 bloods showed hcg has doubled.

    So when the hell could I have got pregnant lol because the midwife said I was only just pregnant like 1-2 weeks from all the evidence.

    Like an actual idea when I concieved ie sperm met egg xx
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  2. MrsB2105

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    You may have to wait a few weeks until there is something to show on a scan, or maybe you could work out when you dtd and try to narrow it down that way x
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    It would be a couple weeks. You wouldnt likely see anything on the scan for a min of late 3-4 weeks after Sperm meets egg (hat would be classed about 6 weeks pregnant)

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