Slings and things - handmade?

Discussion in 'Alternative Parenting' started by kittykitchn, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Complete novice, so please excuse me if I sound silly!

    I'm dipping my toes into the world of slings and wraps. I've joined a baby wearing local FB group and have asked a couple of questions on there, but to be honest it's still going over my head. There is also a sling library which I will go to at some point, it's just in an inconvenient location to get to.

    My sister gave me a pouch like one that she used with her little girl. I've bought a new stretchy one on Ebay, a second hand "sleepytoes" and a second hand Mei tai carrier. I'm going to stop buying now until I can try them out and see what kind I like.

    However, I love the look of ring slings. But are they okay for newbies, or are they for more experienced babywearers?
    On another note, I want to make my own. The idea of picking my own fabric excites me so much! Has anyone made their own? I don't want to do anything wrong, but the tutorials online look super easy.
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    Ring slings can be used for newborns and are reasonable easy to use. There are tons of videos on you tube and they will able to show you how to use st sling library. Be careful with pouch slings. Have a look at ticks, it's about safe baby wearing.

    I've never made my own but would imagine if you are good at making things making a mei tai or pod would be reasonable easy.

    I work at sling library as a peer support so please feel free to ask any questions.
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    The only issues with making your own is that if you make a Mei Tai style one, that you double sew it where the straps attach to the carrier (I think they recommend sandwiching the straps between two layers of body and then doing a large X stitch and double stitching to make sure it holds) and make sure it can hold the weight of the baby, and test it well.
    The other issue being comfort.

    With wraps, the type of weave is different to regular cotton, woven wraps are thicker and generally more supportive.
    Thinner cotton and 'fabric store' cotton is more 'diggy'. It would be fine for a newborn in summer, but probably less useful once the baby got a little heavier.
    Many people prefer wrap conversion ring slings too for that reason.
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