Slightly confused trying for baby number 2

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by lealea85, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Greetings and Salutations ladies

    I'm back here for a second time 🙌🙌🙌🙌 since 2010.
    So, my partner and I have discussed having another child. He has twin girls and I have a son.

    Sooo. I need some insight on your experiences so I don't feel like I'm going mad.

    Had a period after nuvaring. Removed it 22nd September.
    Had a bleed 9th October. Finished 14th October
    It was like normal period. Started off brown by next day it was light to dark red. Omg it was painful. Period lasted for 6 days.
    The cramps continued from day one of period until ovulation on 19th. No word of a lie. All pain stopped dead on the 19th

    Did the BD on Thursday 20th and not much since

    Then in Saturday 28th October around midnight I went loo. Saw brown then it turned red. But not enough to fill a panty liner. I've been expecting it to get heavy but that's not happened.

    I'm still bleeding but it's super light. I mainly see blood when I wipe ansd I had a lot of mucus. No clots. Loads of cramping and I have a disgusting cold and I'm so run down and tired.

    I was worried something had stopped working downstairs so I went Dr's and took a test....but that was negative.

    Has anyone experienced this? I'm still getting mild cramps (not painful to take pain killers) and the spotting or whatever it is still there but no more than a £2 coin worth.

    I put on a night time 1:45pm today. Checked after 5pm (had a power nap) and it was around that same amount of blood.

    I'm out of touch and dont remember much from mu first pregnancy

    Is this a period or implantation.


    Xx midget ninja
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    Hi, if your last period was the 9th October your period would not be due till around the weekend if you have an average cycle so you wouldn't get a positive yet anyway. It could be implantation bleed as everyone is different (I've only ever had a few spots of blood)
    I would say test again when you period is due.
    Sorry if this is not much help X fx for a BFP X

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