Slight tummy pains


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Jun 29, 2005
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Hey everyone,

Hoping someone has experienced this as I have only ever met my dotor once as I changed then ended up receiving all my pre natal at the hospital. For the past 3 days I have been feeling light headed and tired a lot. I recently had my blood tested and I am not anaemic. I also get a lot of tightening across my tummy and an upset stomach, thought maybe it was wind but it isnt. In the past 24 hours the pains although not major get worse if you touch my tummy. They arent period pains they are around my belly button area but to the front of my bump which is weird.

Hopefully someone can help. After problems at the start I am starting to get so excited and couldnt bear anything to go wrong now.

Hope everyone else is well.

sounds like they are stratching ligament (sp?) pains - i had these too whenever bubs goes through a growth spurt. If you are really concerned then speak to your hosp or mw but i think you will find they will settle down in a day or so - just in time for it all to start again :lol:
it could be a water infection too if your feeling light headed and tired, they can affect you in ways that you wouldnt expect, best thing is to get checked out by your midwife or doc.

thanks guys,

its so much easier getting advice on here. You tell other people and they hit you with the most extremem cases of horror stories, especially when u dont expect them.

Its appreciated!

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