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May 21, 2005
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Just had to get up. It's still early here, but sun already burning through the blinds. Anyone else struggling to get back to sleep through the night? Must be mother nature preparing us for babies... :shock:
Shattered, but can't get comfy at all. Did a near 7 hour drive on my own yesterday and thought a good night sleep was in the bag............. WRONG!!! Think I'll have cuppa tea and toast and snuggle up again... BIG YAWN, but no action :(
nite nite
Emilia xx
I woke up to go to the loo at 4.30 and then didn't get back to sleep until about 7, so only got an hour before I have to get up to get my 4 year old to school. :(

It's not fair we're getting the sleepless nights now... they're supposed to come later!

My hubby's from SA by the way.

Im the same , up at 4.30 most mornings for a wee, and cant back to sleep. Then I feel dreadful for the rest of the Day. Actually did fall back asleep this morning so now dont feel too bad.

Guess its just a combination of the baby moving, body preparing for the sleepless nights..AAGHHRRRR.

Ragna xxx
Hi girls - early yet for me, i guess, but I've had a couple of sleepless nights. Baby was really restless the last few nights and I've been having a lot of strange dreams - some sexual, some scary and some downright funny. I dreamt that I went to the cinema with my SIL's husband and all their children and he went out for chips and then came up to the balcony seats and tripped and tipped all the hot chips out all over the audience below and I laughed so hard I woke up and had to go to the loo!
The others are mainly protecting the baby or making love - which I miss! Just don't let me watch anything scary - I watched a trailer for an exorcist type movie lastnight and it threaded its way through all my dreams...

PLUS have you guys been getting tugs from your little bean instead of pushes? I wonder if he/she is pulling the cord? it's a most unpleasant sensation, but not painful. I have a fear about the cord wrapping around baby, though - My brother's was and the midwife spotted it on time - and a little cousin of mine was as well. Think I should tell the doctor to look out for it? Or will I forget in the middle of labour?

Take care and sleep well!
Maybe we should start a bedtime story thread! it would keep you occupied somewhat during the night and provide amusement?

Off to see the doctor, getting bp checked and my MIL (bless her) has insisted on picking me up 20 minutes early and bringing me over! I feel like such a fraud but hey...she is being so kind.

I have been getting load sof this recently. Absolutely exhausted, but no matter how hard I try (or don't try) I can't get back to sleep. Get up about 4am for a wee then don't sleep till 6:30am, then get woken up by OH's alarm at 6:50am and it's hopeless again from there. My body clock is so out of sync and I have no idea why :shock:
Mine does this too Sue - very strange feeling!
When you have the baby they always tell you to stop pushing after the head is out so they can check for the cord so don't worry abot that too much sweetie. Lots of babies have it over their heads when they come out but thankfully it rarely causes a problem. x
Good to know I'm not the only one suffering... after cuppa early this morning - I let the dogs out, put the sprinklers on in garden, loaded the dishwasher, made tea for everyone else in the house at 6am (kids start school at 7.30am here) and went back to bed for 30 minutes! So here's to "Power women"....... who said we couldn't do it all?????
Hoping not to be chatting so early again tomorrow morning!!!!! :wink:
Emilia xx

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