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Mar 28, 2005
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Just wanted to let you know that Isaac slept through the night last night. Hooray! lol

I've been bathing him before bed, which he absolutely loves, and giving him his last bottle in his bedroom with his little night lamp on and he has gone straight down no fuss. I've also been topping and tailing him in the morning and dressing him in soft trousers and tops in the daytime and stretch suits only for bed. I've got a cot top changing mat from mothercare so I do all this in his bedroom so he only goes downstairs once he is washed and dressed. I think it makes him feel nice and fresh and hopefully lets him know the difference between daytime and night time.

Last night he had a bottle at 10pm, went down at 11pm and I had to wake him at 8am! And he wasn't even grumpy when I woke him up!

He has had to have another half a bottle at 11 today as he was hungry but I'd rather more feeds in the daytime and a good nights sleep.

Lets hope its not a one off :)

Awww excellent mate! I bet you were well chuffed. I am going to have to start getting Damien into a routine soon, yours sound like an excellent one though. And good idea about getting him washed and dressed in the bedroom and not taking him down till he is ready.

Hope you get the same success tonight mate!
Wow well done!

My problem is Brody doesn't have a big feed in the he's started waking twice, once at about 3am and once at about 5.30. Each time he has a small feed then goes back to sleep. I know I should wake him more and make him have a bigger feed but when I'm half alseep I don't think about that LOL!

Thanks for your replies. The night before last Isaac woke up stirring so I shushed him and told him to let me come round and I'd go and get his bottle but he fell back to sleep before I got up to go get the bottle!. I am stopping myself jumping up for a bottle everytime he has a whinge in the night so maybe thats why he slept right through last night?

Fingers crossed for tonight lol

Lou :)
wow thats great!

My other two slept throug at 4/5 weeks old, i did cheat tho, i used to top them up with a bottle at 12 mindnight when i went to bed and that seemed to be enough to get them through till morning.
I will be trying that again with Coby.

good luck for tonight, hope he does it again for you :)

Last night we continued with the nighttime routine we've been trying to establish with Ella - she has a feed around 6pm, then a bit of awake time, a bath between 7-7.30pm, little more awake time, then final feed and bed.

Last night she went down at 8.30pm. I gave her a dream feed at 10.30pm (she didn't wake) and she slept through til 6am this morning. She's just napping on Matt at the moment.

Most probably a one off, but proves she can do it if she wants!
I remember the first night Jamie slept through.... i woke up at 7.30am and thought OMG and ran to his cot to see if he was ok!!!! Of course he was absolutely fine and just sleeping soundly!! i was just so shocked to wake up at 7.30 instead of 3 am!!
My boobies were like rocks, that's how I knew it was a bit later :lol:

She normally wakes at 3-4am, so it was a real shock. Expect I will pay for it tonight and she'll be a little monster!

Isaac had a bath and last feed last night at 8-8:30 then he woke for a 3am feed then slept till 8:30 this morning. He woke up smiling and laughing again so the 3am feed was well worth getting up for :)

I think I remember that thing called seems such a long time ago. :D
Ella went down at 9pm, woke at 3am, fed for a while (she was quite awake so took a lot more) then was up at 8.30am. I'm still knackered though!!
I need sleep! Damien fed at 7pm, slept till 11pm and then fed again, then woke at 3:30am for another bottle and wouldnt go back to sleep till after his bottle at 7:30am! so I've been awake since 3:30am...not impressed lol.

Isaac slept thgough again last night. He had a feed at 8pm then a feed at 11pm (which he had in his bedroom after I'd changed him into his baby grow and washed him ready for bed) and he slept through till 8am! And yep he woke up laughing and smiling again bless him :)

He is having a good 7-8oz in the evening and if he wakes in the night then anything between 4-8oz in the daytime. I've also noticed that sometimes he will fall asleep having his bottle or not seem to want any more but if I wind him then offer him the rest of his bottle he takes it. This probably sounds obvious to you but I never thought to offer the bottle again after I'd winded him, I just thought he had finished.

Poor little sod!

The HV said to me that babies are just like adults with their feeding habits. Sometimes you want a snack and sometimes you want a big meal. I assumed at the start that they drank a set amount of oz's at every feed. You live and learn I guess.

Hope you all got a good nights sleep ;)

no good nights sleep for me! rubie was awake from 6:15 yesteday morning til 8pm last night :shock: and she still didn't sleep well :x

she woke at midnight for a feed, then again at 3:30, then 7am, then OH took her downstairs for a feed and she was crying again before 10am - she's still awake now :?
Hi Kim

Isaac was like that. He would be awake for a day them sleep for a day. He is better now though. When my sister in law had her son (my godson) we bought her a swing for him. We have it now for Isaac. During the day after his feeds I put him in his bouncer for a while then once his milk has gone down I put him in his swing, just on low with the music on very quietly and it pretty much gets him off to sleep without fail, unless he needs changing or winding or wants some quiet alert time.

Sometimes though after his feed I let him sleep on me while I watch tv. I want him to have some time just having a cuddle with his mummy.

God he is gonna be a right little drippy mummys boy lol

Lou :)
Thats a Damien routine :wink: bloomin' pants isnt it!!

How is Roo today? Damien sends her a kiss :wink:
I forever am holdind Damien, partly coz I love it, partlky coz his reflux and I have to hold him upright. He'll be a drippy mummies boy too lol

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