Sleeping or well, not sleeping!

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by Maaaaaac, Nov 24, 2016.

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    My lb is 6 weeks tomorrow and im going insane with lack of sleep i dont know how he is coping he just doesn't seem to sleep. And i dont mean through night, I mean in general.

    In the last 24 hrs my lb hasn't slept longer than 45 mins at a time. Ive been timing it as my mum is concerned he always seems to be awake. Hes very bright and happy when awake, eating well (im breastfeeding and he feeds about every two hours but will suckle for comfort a lot too) plenty of wet and dirty nappies. He always has some trouble with passing wind and can get very fussy but nothing serious, usually some tummy rubs, leg cycles, the usual helps him pass wind. He has no problems with being winded. Every other day i can get 2 or 3, 2 hr stretches usually one during the day if i walk him in pram or out with my mum in car. He will sleep in cot at night after me consistently putting him in sleepy. otherwise he will only sleep in my arms and sometimes doses off after a feed. Yesterday and last two nights i haven't had the longer stretches just 45 mins, Is this normal? Hes been fussy when tired but fine after his sleep.

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