Sleep isues at 18mths!! Early riser terrible napper...

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    Hi guys Ive been on before about our lil miss who used to be a perfect 7-7 sleeper no nightwakings and happily went to one nap at about 11/12ish around 14mths old, she then had cot sides off and two weeks after was in a single bed with bed guard...she has been in big bed happily doing 7-7 for mths now but out of the blue suddenly decided 4.30/5am is a good wakeup time...yawn! Also she's gone from happily waking up and playing and reading to outright screaming, banging on the door inconsolable crying overnight...its heartbreaking to watch! The thing is we reckon my hubby starting a new job that meant getting up at 5am is the culprit as give or take 10/15mins she's awake when he is...

    I am working on the nightsleep with a gro clock (day 3) and today at 5am went through pointed out the star, gave her a cuddle, back in bed and left her to it, she was upset of course but soon fell back asleep so starting to make progress there but still have clock set for 5.30 and think today for first time she noticed the sunshine...she is a v clever switched on girl (not just mummy talkin here lol) and so figured she was ready for the concept of night/day.... fx in a few wks can start changing time to 6ish then eventually 7ish but thats where we are with that after I think a month of 4-5am wakeups....

    Anyway my dilemma now is naps...she has always been a reasonable napper sleeping 45-1hr30 middle of the day and would resettle fine and wake up happy...Now of course she is tired waaay before 11ish and I have tried on some days to keep her up to that time (altho in car she is asleep within 5mins but dont want to have to use car as sleep aid) and then she only sleeps 30mins and barely manages til bedtime (in the past that would suggest nap too late in the day, 6ish hrs after wakeup) vs putting her down for early morning naps between 7-9amish dependant on how tired she is....and again 30min naps...which therefore means she needs a second one inevitably when in the car and even if transfer her at home she is only 30mins....I have tried doin an extra nap in avo alongside her usual 11ish one and regardless of how late (sometimes 3/4pm) she still sleeps at bedtime (between 6.30 and 7.30) and still wakes early so the old sayin sleep begetts sleep doesnt work here...

    I then read up about the 18mth sleep regression and thought hey thats what this is but I am tired all the time (almost like the newborn stage all over again) plus having to be energetic and happy when shattered with a toddler that tantrums cos she is tired is not a good recipe....I find she is grazing more because she is goin longer through the day but after a short food fussy stage where she survived on fruit and cheese and yoghurt she is back to three meals and 2-3 snacks per day....

    The thing that gets to me (aside from tiredness) is the fact she is waking up bawling after EVERY sleep session which is screaming at me that something is not right and think she knows it and despite my small amount of progress with gro clock dont think she is very happy with the constant changing of routines....I would love to have my 7-7 girl back again but dont know how...any tips/suggestions/sympathetic words...?

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