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Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by twinkle90, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Just a rant! Having an awful time with My sister she has always had a temper on her. A right bitch growing up. I thought having her son would change everything. I looked after him on saturday and took him out for the day Sunday. I didnt have my phone on me. And basically took it too far and told me that i can never look after her son again! My nephew!!! I love that boy to bits as if he was my own. And everything me and my mum have done for her since day one and she treats us like this. Shes fell out with my mum because my mum has stuck up for me. My sister decided to put it all over facebook. Im more upset due to the fact i feel shes using my nephew against it all. As soon as she said im never to look after him again..kill me inside!! It hurts that basically i wont see him anytime soon! He was born 3 weeks early and had to spend a week in the baby unit. I spent the whole day with my sister to keep her company and to help her. I chamge his fiest nappy and fed him etc etc. Ive done everything! Yet this bf of hers has been here 5 mins and thinks he knows best. I kniw ive got to relax for my babys sake! But all that pops up in my head is my nephew and it upsets me!!! Xxxx
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    sorry to hearthis is causing you so much stress. Im sure once she has had time to calm down, things will get sorted and you can see your nephew. She will soon realise she needs you and your mum just as much as youneed to see your nephew.

    in the meantime, deep breath, enjoy the fact that you had a great day with him on sunday and relax.
    hope it works out soon

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