Silly question

Damien is pushing down really REALLY hard today and it's really hurting and I'm getting a lot of twinges in that area and lots of aching and pressure. Is this normal for 34 weeks or am I being more sensitive to it given recent events? Sorry I am probably being stupid and tired :roll:
Hi Sami, I had to contact my mw about this as everytime I stood up, Becky felt like she was going to pop out. But because of what you have been thru I would most certainly contact your mw, as aren't you already 1-2 cm dilated didn't you say?

Little Damien is going to make an appearance into this world very shortly I think! xxx
Yeah 1-2cm. Seeing midwife later today so will tell her about it. See what she reckons.

thanks mate x
hi sami

good luck for later on. i think we are all getting pains down below (over 32 weeks) but as youre already in slow labour, yours probably means more than ours.

let us know how you got on.

Baby's are uncomfortable lumps eh. Don't know if I want them to be pains of the cervix coz it's doing something or just him pushing down - it's better he stays in still I know, I'm just soooooooooo fed up of hurting for nothing.

Not sure if the slow labour has stopped though at 2cm. That's what they said i was in when I was still having contractions, but as I'm not now does that mean I'm not in slow labour anymore? Another question for the midwife......
The midwife I saw wasnt my normal midwife and this woman was horrible. I was a little upset because of everything going on and all she said was 'you're gonna have to wait like everyone else no point getting upset about it''

I am balling my eyes out and to be honest I've fucking had enough.

She wrote on my notes "upset about being sent home, feeling tired, needs TLC, no further tightenings".

Yes I am tired, but I HAVE had tightenings and I'm actually in quite a bit of pain and discomfort still - she just didnt ask me! and I'm not upset about being sent home - they asked if I wanted to stay or go home and I said go home! It was my bloody choice to go home and wait for it all to kick off again here.

I really needed to see my midwife to reassure me and get me over this weekend but It's just typical she wasn't there. I know there are other people out there more important than me she has to see, I just felt a bit let down by the midwife who was there, and the student she let poke me about even though she didnt know what she was doing.

The student didnt measure my fundus either and told the midwife I was =dates, when everyone knows full well that I'm not! I am 30cm still at 34 weeks coz they measured me in hospital! Just worries me that if they can get something simple that that wrong then what else can they get wrong?!

BP is up too (started going up before I got upset) and I still have protein in my urine since Monday. Got to go back next Tuesday. Hopefully my usual midwife will be there.

I'm sorry I just really needed to get this off my chest. :cry:
Sami said:
BP is up too (started going up before I got upset)

I'm sorry I just really needed to get this off my chest. :cry:

thats prob coz your stressing out way to much! if she thought anything was wrong she would have sent you back in hosptial, chill out a bit hun
oh sami

try not to get to worked up about it. if you are at all worried before tuesday then go telephone the hospital and speak to a midwife there.

you need to, whilst this is all fresh in your mind, write down everything that you disagreed with that the midwife said. When you see your midwife said that you are thinking about making a formal complaint once you have had Damien. Under no circumstances should a midwife make you feel like shit when you walk away from an appointment. i am so angry at the minute with regards to this. when you go for you midwife appointment on tuesday if it is this woman again then refuse point blank to see her. state that you have no confidence in her ability to monitor your pregnancy.

dont you worry about hurting the midwife's feelings or getting her in trouble because that is her tough luck. if you feel really bad now, then telephone your hospital. state that she has made you feel like crap, she has written down stuff in your notes that is not true and you want to see a different midwife as soon as possible as this one was not able to monitor you correctly, stating the wrong things in your notes.

if they ask you why you didnt say anything at the time, tell them you were too emotional and it is only when you got home and composed yourself that you felt ready to telephone.

sami you and damien are the most important people, dont let them push you around, i know what they are like to young mothers. they think they can dominate them.

let me know how you get on.


i am fuming
Thanks Davina it's nice to know I'm not overreacting about this.
I was fine before I went in to see her and was quite happy in the knowledge that things will happen when they do - not like I can do anything about it is there!! (Only so much truth in sex and curries eh!! lol) - I'm just tiered and she wasn't the nicest of people. If I wasn't stressed out before I am now. I know she would have sent me into hospital if anything was wrong with my BP etc - it's just another thing on a long list of sh*tness over the last few days.
some people shouldnt be midwifes or work with children or the elderly. they really should make people take an attitude test as some people have far too much attitude.

i know that i couldnt be a midwife (apart from fainting from all the blood), i havent got the right personality to, so i wouldnt even think about becoming one.
I wanted to become a midwife and was due to start the course in Septmeber till I got pg and decided I would rather be a full time mum first and career later. But she has certainly put me off!! Insensitive moobag!
I don't think some people realise how insensitive they sound when they open their mouths and can really hurt someones feelings when they already don't feel brilliant.....
Feel much better for getting that off my chest though - sorry I just needed to blow when I got in and had no one here to shout at so you guys got the brink of it!!
Eating a tube of pringles now and drinking tea to make me feel better :)
Sorry for this short response i am about to get t, but Sami, she shouldn't put you off becoming a midwife, it should make you more determined that you will be one. You will be a kind considerate and caring midwife unlike her. I have had bad experiences with patronising mw's, just because they deal with pregnant people all day they can have a lacsidasical attitude and miss things. Everyone is different. You are not over reacting, I felt the same after coming out of hospital last night, they make you feel like a hypocondriac, but f*ck it, you keep on at them, that is what they are there for, to reassure you.

You need to make sure Damien is ok, stuff what they think, say or do.

Hugs Sami xxxxxx
Awww Sami {{{{Hugs}}}} some MW seem to forget how to deal with people in a nice manner, they treat us like we're animals!!

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