signs of depression???????


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Jan 20, 2006
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hi what are proper signs of depression, i feel so fed up all the time, i cant hardly get excited about stuff, me and my hubby are rowing alot, is it just tiredness, i have a 6 month, who doesn't sleep through the night. my doctor is helpful but i find it awkward going, as he likes to think you have depression, thats his field :roll: i find not many mums like to talk about it, it would be nice to see how other mums felt. :?
Have found a link that gives you some of the symptoms of PND which can occur for up to year after baby is born

The symptoms you have described do sound like they could be depression, I would suggest talking to your health visitor perhaps if you don't want to talk to your Dr, they have a questionnaire called the Edinburgh questionnaire which she may ask you to fill in. I have been told that I may be suffering from a depression of sorts, am due to see a CPN next month for an assessment, but if you want to chat PM me anytime x
braydon is 5 months tomoz and dont sleep thro the nite it gets me so down its unbelievable i feel like crying all the time but i cant i have to get on!!! i lost twins a week ago and since then i have just gone down hill and never seem to be sleeping
ive done them questionaires, they say i have anxiety, which i know already, suffered with that for a long time, just cant get rid of it. :cry: sorry about your loss sarah, i lost my bean 3 weeks ago, i dont have time to think these days i think its just building up. my ex is causing havoc with my daughter ( the older one) he never wants to see her, so there"s arguments there, not that my children ever see that. my hubby and me are going through a rough patch,i feel its down to me to sort everything, do other mums feel like that??????????? crikey im getting this off my chest, :shock: sorry for gabberling on, take care sarah, keep in touch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
keep gabbling hun - if ur ex dont want to see ur daughter then maybe that is better for however horrible it sounds
well i keep telling myself that then out of the blue he wants to see her :roll: ironically his mum and dad are teachers and CHILD social workers, so they butt in when not needed, no win situation, well saying that i told him the other day he had to see a soliciter to to make proper dates to see lucy ( my daughter) that means he wont let her down again, his family do not like that, its so bloody stressful as i dont needthis at the mo. thanks for replying it really helps. :)

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