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May 19, 2005
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thought i had got away with it, but it looks like its starting to come on!

im not waking up feeling sick but a few hours later my stomach turns and im left quezy for the rest of the day.

im hoping it wont last long tho!

how are you guys doing?

I am doing much the same as you. Not exactly sure of my due date, i know it is in january. and like you i thought that i had got away with the sickness and then bam it hit me today with a revenge. Hoping it's not the same as my first 2 as i was sick for 9 months with them.

let me know how youre doing

Hi girls,

Me too. When I got to around 7 weeks the sickness hit me full blast. I haven't actually been sick yet but I have this feeling deep in my stomach that I am going to be. I hope that it goes in the next few weeks as am not sure how I am going to cope. I am the biggest wimp ever! Also have found that I am going off most foods, like meat. Especially if I have to cook them! I find that a glass of milk or a yoghurt sometimes helps. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

im still feeling sick, think if i could be sick i would feel better, i have found that if i eat something small every couple of hours it gets a bit better.

the good thing is that i have stopped smoking tho!
i was trying so hard before, and i cut down from 20 a day to 5 a day, but now even the smell of them makes me feel ill so i have managed to stop :D
Every sympathy with the sickness. I cant abide the smell of meat now, much less eat it. My boss had a cheeseburger roll mid morning and I had to leave the office the smell was so overpowering.

The only things I have been able to eat are:

Dairylea sandwiches
plain rice and vegetables
Orange Juice
Jelly tots :)

!! Not a very balanced diet but they are the only things that want to stay down.
Hi all

The sickness hit me like a ton this morning when i woke. It just disappeared at around 11.00 though.

I am finding that all that I want to eat is Spinach with everything or plain pasta (i even resorted to mixing the two together yesterday).

When i was pregnant with my first, i loved Guinness and cheese and tinned spaghetti in a jacket potato. I hated chicken, even the chicken adverts made me vomit.

with the second, i loved carrots, didnt really have any other cravings though.

with both my boys i was sick morning to night for nine months. this time is different so hopefully it will stay that way.

thanks for the advise about milk and yoghurt, might give it a try

Hi ladies!

I'm only in my 6th week & I've had sickness for well over a week already - I'm desperately hoping it'll go by 12 weeks latest - it's driving me nuts already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not actually sick - just feel incredibly queasy from the minute I wake up till around 6/7pm. I'm finding travelling in a car even the shortest distance is a bit of a trial at the moment!

Luckily, I work 15 mins away from my house & only do 9am-1pm every day - I haven't told them yet as it's a fairly new job, so I'm struggling to keep a lid on the sickness all morning & then it's like my body heaves a huge sigh of relief at 1pm, cos I then feel ill all the way home & pretty cr@p for most of the afternoon!!

I'm not sleeping very well at night but don't seem to be able to drop off in the afternoons either - soooooooooo frustrating cos I'm lucky enough to be able to nap when a lot of women aren't!!

I'm finding the 'eat little but often' approach is helping a bit & am also drinking gallons of water. Like most other ladies who post on here, I've gone off loads of stuff I used to adore & am only able to stomach really plain things - mostly carbs like bread, crisps, crackers, potatoes, etc. - weird!!

As the sickness starts to subside around teatime, I then start to feel bloated & sore & full of trapped wind which then makes for quite a painful, uncomfortable evening which usually ends with stomach cramps & diarrhoea before I go to bed! (Sorry - too much info probably!!)

Add to this the exhaustion, on & off stomach cramps, heartburn, almost constant backache, vile taste in mouth, sore boobs, constant peeing, etc etc etc & all in all I'm finding it hard to enjoy the pregnancy so far - even though it was longed for & we're over the moon about it!!!! I'm sure it'll get better, but at the moment, I feel like such a lightweight & I'm not in the mood for socialising, exercising, etc. - poor hubby - we've been quite reclusive for the past 2 weeks!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one & it'll go away soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone got any words of advice??!!


I forgot about the bad taste in my mouth. i had it with the first 2 but not with this one yet!!!

i also had the pleasure of heartburn with the second.

i was told that the sickness is a good sign as it is your body working making sure that the baby is growing well (dont know how true that is). If this is the case enjoy your sickness.

good luck and think of that beautiful bundle of joy that you will have at the end of it.

Just to let you know that my first child was an angel, slept from 6 weeks. My second child is 3, still doesnt sleep through. shows his bum to all and sundry, but i love him completley.

keep in touch


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