Should I have sex with my pregnant wife in disobedience to the doctors orders?

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by nonao771, Jan 3, 2016.

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    my wife is in week 26 in a high risk pregancy because her first baby was premature at 7 months and she has a vaginal infection and a urinary infection for which she takes meds. My wife and I disobeyed the doctors orders and had gentle sex with only the tip on all fours, which is a safe position for pregnancy, so much informed am I from reading online, and I came on her back so the prostaglandins won´t stimulate her cervix. I don´t want this baby to be born prematurely and spend 2 months in the intensive care unit of a hospital as the first baby did. The doctor ordered no stimulus for my pregnant wife.My wife wants to have sex and I don´t. Should I keep disobeying the doctors orders or keep it in my pants?


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    I hope you're trolling, certainly sounds like it. But if you're not, then no you shouldn't disobey doctors orders.
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    Hi I think you should listen to your doctor they give us information for a reason, her health and you're baby. You also pre cum before you cum properly so that can still stimulate the cervix, people have got pregnant for pre cum hench why the withdrawal method don't always work. As you have already been through it you know how upsetting and worrying it is to have a prem baby. I think it's selfish of your wife to risk this happening again and risking the development of your baby just to have sex. I think you should put sex on hold and think of your baby. If your child was to have any problems as he or she gets older would you not always look back and think maybe that could have been prevented?? I know I would.
    Have you asked the doctor if you are aloud to do oral something on each other? Just so it's not penetrative.. It might be worth asking but you should listen to the doctor they only have your best interests in heart.
    You sound like your happy to wait it out and not have sex, try sitting your wife down and telling her you don't want to have sex till the doctor says it's ok. Explain that last time was awful and your not willing to do put your baby at risk. She as a mother should understand this and take your feelings into consideration.
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