Should I be upset if my fiance goes out all the time?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Alexandra21, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Jul 17, 2005
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    So my fiance and I were really close when we got together and I felt included in everything that he did. Lately I've been feeling left out. He goes out almost every other night and used to invite me along but doesn't anymore. I don't know I just feel like he doesn't want me around him and his friends anymore. Is he ashamed of me? We had a talk about it and he said he understood what i was talking about. So the other night he calls on his way out of work and says he's meeting a friend for a beer and a game of pool just down the road from our house and says "You can go if you want" Is it just me or was that a half a*sed invite or what? It's not that I want to go I just want to feel like I'm a major part of his life like I used to be. Like he wants me there.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Zippys~knight

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    Jun 21, 2005
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    Try not to worry Alex, i'm sure you are the best thing that has come into his life, sometimes guys like to go out for a drink/game/whatever jsut them, (i'm a guy) Also, he might think that you'd feel abit out of place being the only gal there, so he figures its better that you stay safe & warm at home.. My fiance felt like that at one point, and i did stop inviting her to come out with me for a while, and i'll admit now i think about it i feel a little bad, however, she realised it might have been the best decision that its just the guys out and about...

    I'm sure he realises that you want to be Just as involved as before, but sit back and relax abit, and if it helps, whenever he goes out, you get all the girls round/go out with them for a party too!!

    Believe me, you just a big a part of his life as you always have been, maybe he jus feels its better to spend a little tiem just the guys! and you should do exactly the same with all your friends!

    I dont mean to be rude/annoying/whatever, but maybe your being a little clingy/paranoid? try to relax and enjoy your half of the love life! I can see a little one is dropping from heaven to your doorstep, so i'm sure he'll be so much more involved when your kin arrives... hes just getting as much time with the guys alone as possible, cause when his son/duaghter arrives, he'll be a 24/7 father.. try to think of it as his 'timeout'...

    Let him have his space, he'll coem running when you both are blessed with your young :) good luck!
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    Apr 18, 2005
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    i can see where your comnig from alexandra. my hubby goes out nearly evryweek i used to go with him but im not allowed any more and havent been since we found out i was preg. im actually not allowed to go to the shop thats baout 20 doors away on our rd after dark so im quite restricted! my frineds tell me its my fault for letting him control my movments but in the early days i was so emotional it was easier to do as i was told then argue u know?!
    ive tried talking to my partner about his going out and my need to socialise as i dont know any one around where i live and i cant drive. all my friends are in kent which is 300 miles away! which isnt very helpful. i sit and cry sometimes because i feel so sh*tty and i think about ending it and telling him to leave and ten i think that its just my hormones and he'll buck his ideas up when bub is here so im just going to wait till babies here and see if his attitude changes. i hope it does coz we are good for each other really hes just so paranoid and controlling! :x
    hope u get to talk to your hubby bout it soon. xx

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