Short AF or implantation???

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by FrecklesMcGee, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Hey ladies, I've got a I stopped taking my BC after my period in June...we aren't really "trying" yet, so we weren't trying to DTD around ovulation but just going with whatever...I've always been super regular, 28 day cycles, even off BC...DH and I DTD about 3 weeks after my period in June...I figured I had ovulated a week prior so there was no chance...a day after I spotted a tiny little bit, and about 6 days later I though AF had arrived. Well when I was on BC and every time I was off BC, AF has always been heavy and long, 5-7 days. Well this last AF was 3 days and light. I know after stopping BC your hormones can be all strange and ovulation can be strange too...and the last week I've had all the pregnancy symptoms I usually do, dizziness, headache,'s weird...

    Question is.....have any of you had a period, or light bleeding thinking it was AF, and actually were already pregnant? I know implantation bleeding is usually very light and just spotting, but has anyone had heavier implantation bleeding? The timing works for implantation bleeding...

    I'm taking a HPT tomorrow (I'll be at work, and we have a supply)..I took one on the day AF was due before she showed up, and it was negative, but if I ovulated late then it would have been because implantation wouldn't have occurred yet.. but I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced something like this...

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