She made me cry !


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May 24, 2005
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Since having a baby has anyone else found that they are really emotional >? I never used to show my emotions at all & hardly ever cry but since having Aimee Iv found emotions I never knew I had.

This prob sound silly but last night I was playing with Aimee & she was all smiles and laughing then I started doing peek a boo (which she normally finds quite amusing) and all of a sudden her bottom lip really started to go and her eyes welling up. There was no noise for a while then she started to REALLY cry. She looked so sad.
I dont know what I did wrong :think: :think: I must have startled her :think:

I felt so bad for upsetting her I started to cry too, :cry: :cry:
I still feel bad & keep thinking she doesnt like me for upsetting her. I know its silly.

Has any of you felt like this or am I just an emotional wreak?!
I've also been very emotional since having Oscar. I think it's quite normal, but I know what you mean about making her cry. I have startled Oscar once or twice and he got really upset. I felt heartbroken for his sake............ shame - best of all is the forgiveness they show when they smile at us the next minute!!!

Don't worry about it. You're her number one person!
Emilia xx
aww hun *hugz* the way ur feeling is completly normal! its prob just a mixture of so much change new baby new routines new feelings and getting used to everything! just let nature take its toll have a good cry (prob feel better after too :wink: ) if you are really concerned about it try talking to your health visitor as they will keep an eye on you for signs of postnatal depression too ;) hope ur feeling better soon!
I'm the same!! I cry if Phoebe is really upset and I can't soothe her :lol:

I think it's a natural reaction. We are designed to nurture them so we would be sad if they are sad :lol:
Yes totally and I hate violent films now and often cry at the news! My OH did exactly the same to Elliott a couple of weeks ago when he blew a raspberry on his tummy. He'd always liked it before but this time the lip went and then he cried for ages. OH felt so guilty but I think it was just that Elliott had suddenly become loads more sensitive and more "kid like" in the way that he reacted and it was just one raspberry too many!

I over reacted in the shop. Seren was crying in her usual subdued way and these girls were going on how much they hate kids. OH had to hold me back, I was so angry as they were aiming their comments at my little girl who was hungry. I hate seeing her upset too, makes me really sob and she has more jabs on weds.
all the time...I cry everytime I can't sooth my little froggynet!!

Sometimes, I even look at her and same thing she will start making a face or cry and I will fel very very bad about it...I even made a post about it, as it went so bad I thought she hated me :doh:

I am quite emotional as well, if I watch a movie or any thing even in the street, I can start crying!
Ah also, sometimes I play with Maheen and she is fine, and looks at me, and start a smile, and that also will make me cry!!!

i am a crying mummy!!!!! :shhh:
Mel xx
I am the same, I well up when Ella is crying and also when she is happy and smiling aswelll! becuase it makes me happy and sooo proud of her :)
Thank god for that, thought I was loosing the plot! Its good to know its normal (or we all have surging hormones!)

I found myself welling up in Sainsbury last night reading a mothers day card :lol:

I dont think its depression as im not sad all the time. I suppose you dont like upsetting anyone, especially your own child.


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