Sharp Pains 'Up there'


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May 11, 2005
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Sorry if this is TMI but i was wondering if anyone else is suffering from the same.

I have had the odd pain on and off over the last few weeks but today it is really umcomfortable. Every so often when walking I get a really sharp pain right up inside, it almost feels like the baby's head is pushing down on something, its like a stabbing pain.

I don't know if it's cause me and hubby had 'cuddles' last night that it is more painful today.

I have the midwife this week so will mention it to her but just wanted to hear from you lot as well. I am sure its nothing and probably just something to do with the fact that this is baby number three and my muscle tone down there is pretty non existent and so there isn't much to hold the poor baby up!!

Baby is also very active today and I keep getting braxton hicks and bump does feel and look slightly lower so that may also be the reason.
I get this sometimes and think it could just be the baby pushing down on a nerve as its not constant.
I get that alot, like a sharp shooting pain going upwards, it's the baby pushing down apparently, i asked my midwife a couple of weeks ago.

I know how you are feeling, it is especially worse if you walk and it can stop you in your tracks at times. :(

It may be the baby's head engaging or starting to, ask your midwife though when you see her, just to see if the head is any further down. :D :D
i get it too sometimes kerry. feels like he's about to fall out sometimes! lol
and sometimes he presses down on my bladder so suddenly as well.... ouch!
Thanks for your replies girls - sounds just like it.

It's fine today, it definately just comes and goes.

I get this quite a bit now since two to three weeks ago, and thats about when babys head started to engage so it must have somthing to do with taht.
It is uncomfortable osmtimes, it seems to happen every week when i grocery shop i gotta stop for a moment lol, people just look at me funny.
Well glad your feelin better today.
Take care

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