Sharp pains right ovary & spotting. Copper iud

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by mrsmnk101, Oct 18, 2019.

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    To cut a long story short. Ive had the copper iud for coming upto a year. My periods were normal betore that. Im still breastfeeding my nearly 2 year old and he is stuck to me like a new born. Anyhow ive been getting these pains coming upto my period, during my period and just after. Its no pain ive experienced before and ive only had it during the time ive had the iud. Basically its located very low right far right. Almost towards thigh where ur knicker line is. Its a sharp stabbing pain, a rather bad pain ide say. Not ur regular period pain. And ive also had bleeding after the period ends along with the same pain. Then all goes quiet untill the next time my periods on its way. The doctor is sending me for a scan to ser whats up but im quite worried. I initially thought it was ovarian cyst but she said no they don't cause bleeding. But from what I read they actually can cause problems during periods. Also im clear of any infections etc. Can anyone help put me at ease. Ive also got a smear coming up which I'm dreading.

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