Sex life . . . TMI please help!!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Babybushie28, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    Hi ladies,

    This thread is tmi so I apologise in advance!

    My oh is great, he's my best mate and I love him to bits! When have a great sex life when we get going but sometimes the start can be a bit dull, I've tried doing new things, being really spontaneous and seducing him which he loves (of course), but when he's getting things started hes very slow and i get bored so I have to move things along by sorting him out, I've talked to him about it but he takes it really personal so gets annoyed with me and then the moment has gone.

    Last nite started the same but then he stopped halfway through the beginning & he said it was 'going on too long' and moved to other side of the sofa, I stormed into the bedroom and he followed asking what's wrong etc, I told him I felt rejected blah blah and he said he though I wasn't in the mood, end if Convo cause I just couldn't be bothered afterwards.

    What's annoying me is that I'm about to OV in the next few days so want to dtd as much as poss but Im annoyed at him, I've talked to him before about 'changing things up a bit' and he'll do it a bit and then stop and say 'there you go', If I don't do anything then it'll be dull, and I don't wanna dtd just cause we have to OV if I'm not feeling it, if that makes sense???

    Don't get me wrong he does 'get me where I need to go' but he needs a big help starting off, has anyone else experienced this or have any advice to what to say to him?

    Thanks girls, sorry for the looooong thread!!!

    BB xxxxx
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    Sorry didn't want to read and run but not sure what to say!

    Really hope some of the girls can give you some advice!


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