Severe spd/pgp anyone had this and been induced?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by iwanttobeamumm, May 6, 2016.

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    I have very severe spd/pgp I can't walk and today I can't even get out of bed I'm in agony just to roll over to try to get comfortable my midwife isn't responding to my calls or messages I've been messaging her for two weeks saying it's getting worse and that I'm struggling to get around my flat even with crutches I can't do anything and I can't look after my eldest daughter because of it she's bringing me clothes to dress her and cups and juice to bed so I can poor them for her I feel awful I'm almost 33 weeks and it's getting worse by the day has anyone else had this when will they induce me if at all i can't cope anymore I feel awful not being able to look after my daughter never mind myself I even struggle to get up to go for a wee
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    I was induced at 38 weeks with severe SPD & SJD. I couldn't walk. I couldn't get up and down stairs, I couldn't even press the brake on my car. I was weaned off cocodamol from 35 weeks but as the painkillers reduced and the pain increased, they gave me a sweep at 36 weeks as my cervix was already favourable, and nothing happened, another sweep at 37 weeks but induced at 38.
    I have hypermobility syndrome which affects my hips not being pregnant though.
    I feel your pain. My consultant agreed to induce me at 37 weeks then she was off at my 36 week appointment and I saw someone else and he disregarded everything she said and booked me in for 39 weeks. I cried my eyes out infront of him and he wasn't bothered! I thought 1 week until my due date and that's all you give me.

    I took it to patient relations and complained and got a second opinion but as it was bank holiday soonest was 38 weeks. Still better than 39.

    Speak to your consultant if you have one, if not ask MW to refer you urgently. It's truly awful and I'm dreading it this time around. However as I'm hyper mobile, I will be consultant lead from 18 weeks. Good luck xx

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