severe bloating, stomach upset--13 months postpartum

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    The only weight I gained in pregnancy was the baby, fluids, extra blood volume, etc. I had Nexplanon put in about 8-10 weeks pp but had it taken out early December 2018. Other than being an emotional wreck, I felt no other symptoms from it. Once removed, however, my stomach ballooned out almost overnight.. Iv'e read that some women develop food allergies/sensitivities after pregnancy and my midwife told me that suppressing your cycle can calm your GI tract, so I tried an elimination diet (not strictly) to see if it made a difference and I found a few culprits. Even avoiding them, I still find myself bloating but only below the belly button--from the side, my stomach looks like a lowercase "b"! I've always been slim and had a somewhat flat stomach with the exception of the "pooch", but this is a whole new extreme. I should also add that I am very active (I walk at least 1 hour every day and train 4 times a week) and am pretty careful with my diet--not strict but rather conscious.
    What is this?! Is it just hormonal? Has my body suddenly changed and that's just how I am now? Is it my metabolism slowing down? So odd that it happened so suddenly once I went off birth control. Has this happened to anybody else? Help!

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