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    how many people are due in sep?
    is anyone getting nervous about giving birth and most of all being a good mum and able to look after there baby? as i know i am
  2. alsha

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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Hi, i am due 30th September and yes i am really nervous about the birth and if everything will be ok with me, i don't know what am i like. Friends and family say they think i would a good mum but i am yet to prove it no pressure hey :?
    I sure we will be fine thousands of ladies have babies every day :)
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    yeah that is true but i suppose as i will only be 18 when the baby is born i keep thinking that i will be awful and will recsent the baby for ruining my life- even though at this moment in time i couldnt be looking foward to it-
    just got to ask this as i notice you live in norwich - you are not a city fan are you ?
    sarah and bubba
  4. chaz

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    Jul 4, 2005
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    i was 15 when i had my first and i didnt think much about the birth i knew what was going to happen and when i did go in labour i was just relaxed i had my family round me did get a slap of my mum for swearing though i think that was more painful than the contrations but the midwives talked me through every stage of what was going to happen the only thing i complained about was they wanted me to have gas and air and the drugs which i didnt want and when when i finally gave in it was to late to have them and after 5 hours i had a baby girl which is known as fast for your first i have had another girl since with no drugs she was out within 10 mins of me been in establist labour and now am pregnant with a boy am due on the 12th so the only thing can say is just relax go for a walk that helps am 21 in november so for my 21st i will be at home with my kids not how i thought i would be spending my 21st
  5. Lyn_no3

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    Jul 6, 2005
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    I had literally just turned 18 by about 2 wks when i had my first, i was really worried about how i would cope although i knew i wanted it, i'm 23 now n due with number 3 on the 13th my two boys are brilliant and i think i've coped ok :) i'm sure everyone worries whatever age they are

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