sep babies

braydon is doing great he is a very contented baby and only gets me up at night between 4.30 and 5.30 and then goes to bed as soon as he has been fed and then gets me up properly between 8 and 8-30 so i count myself very lucky
at least u got ur baby in the end no matter wot u went thro i love being a mum how bout u
better than wot i thought it would be lol - my mum and dad give him his last feed and put him down at 11 and he gets me up normally around 5 feeds and goes bck to bed again till about 8.30
how about summer?
paris is good aswel
he wakes up a lot but i got no idea wt times lol
i smashes ma clock coz it woz pissin me off
r u 2 brestfeedin or bottle??
luv kayli xx
i was breast but my milk run out after two weeks as my mum sayd ' the cow ran dry lol' wot bout u!!!! where did you get the name paris from - totally love it
i looked on lodza webbies an den i tld leo lodz of em an we picked r fave 1: Paris lol
jaqui helped aswel she ttly luved it
sed kayli ,leo an paris all went 2getha
cya luv kayli xx
i totally love it to and it does go well
with kayli and leo!!!
i picked braydon as my ex hated it the most out of all the names
thnx sarah!
braydon is a cute name! gorgeos!!
luv kayl an paris xxxxxx

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