Sensitive nipples anybody???

pink lady

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May 18, 2005
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I was just wondering if anyone had really sensitive nipples? to be quite honest! not because i'm odd, basically because i am looking forward to breast feeding, however my nipples have always been very tender. I have to sleep with a bra or support type vest. If they rub on a loose top it hurts and this was before i was pregnant.

So my main worry is that they will give me a lot of pain once i latch the baby on. I have another 20 weeks to woory about this! so was wondering if anyone had had the same kind of problem or any tips. I am aware of the positioning of the baby and how important that is etc. I really do want to breast feed and will give it a go regardles of the pain, but how long that will last i don't know!

No pictures please!!!! :oops:
Pink, my nipples are also very sensitive. I could not wear bra for a long time and even if my dress touches them too i feel pain. Same feeling i had with my first pg too. Initially when i was breastfeeding my son, i had pain. I even thought that my little boy has good teeth buds already :lol: But slowly in one or two weeks i was ok and i feel more comfortable feeding him. So do not worry! U will be alright. Once you see ur little baby, even bigger pains will just fade away.

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