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Dec 7, 2005
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Ok so I have been having the dreams about bleeding and no baby inside me. So just generally worrying.

But today I woke up and my boobs are not sore at all. Is this a bad sign. I told my O/H and I could not stop crying, are they supposed to stop hurting?
try not to worry hun we all go through this as you get further along symptoms come and go and can be quite worrying but its completely normal xxxx
Thank you for replying so quick. I was getting stressed that it would be one of those days where no one is on the site to answer my question. I know being silly.

Thanks you have helped although still wanna cry!
I never had sore boobs at all in the beginning, Try not to panic im sure it is all ok!

Steph x
Imwarr, my nausea stopped at 10 weeks. I had my scan at 9+6, then suddenly, no more nausea. It still worries me but I try to remember that the nausea actually atarted before 4 weeks, so maybe it's just finishing earlier.

Try not to concentrate on any symptoms that seem to be disappearing, concentrate on the ones that are still there.

Last night, I managed to stay up till 10pm, which is the latest since the beginning of January! :shock: So before I went bed I had a good squeeze of my boobs to check they were still painful!!! :oops: :shock: (not that you can exactly miss them at the minute! )
don't worry, i have been exactly the same, one day i feel quite 'pregnant' & then the next i feel nothing. keep thinking to that something has gonw wrong, but realisticly i know it hasn't.

i used to feel really sick for the first 4/5 weeks but now don't really, but am getting a bigger belly, so i think deep down it is all ok, for the first 12 weeks our body is high with the pregnancy hormone HCG & then i suppose this calms down, so if you being nearly 11 weeks, this is probably why.

you have your scan a few days before me, mine is 10th march, feels like forever away!!
take care. :D
Hi Imwarr,

I had the same, my boobs were sooooo sore up until around 9 weeks I guess. They improved drastically almost overnight. I have had a scan since then and all is fine - its just symptoms easing off as you move towards the second tri.

I know its hard, but try to look on it as a positive thing, its means your pregnancy is progressing nicely & your hormones levels are starting to settle to get ready for the placenta to take over.

Incindently, for the last couple of days I have slept through the night without needing to go to the loo (yay, my uterus is moving up as it should), & I do have more energy & I've been staying up late.

This time will come for you too, & its not too far away, but its a good thing!!

You will feel better after you have had your scan & you have seen your little bean!!
Thank you for your reply. To be honest I have been feeling a lot more energetic and have been staying up late for past couple of days. Maybe I am just a few weeks further along in my pregnancy than I thought. If you look at my picture of my bump (in the bump bit, its the last pic on there) I think it seems quite big for 10 weeks.
I'd definately agree its a possibility, but even if you are 10 weeks or so, I found I was quite big. Its apparently to do with hormones again (damn things!!). Every pregnancy is different for everyone, you may be one of the lucky ones & only have a few weeks of feeling rough, then you may sail through the rest.

Just try not to get too worked up, its better for your baby of you try to relax, so sit back, put your feet up & look forward to enjoying the rest of your pregnancy!!

Feel free to PM me if you need to chat,

Take care hun,

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