saliva tests???


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Jun 14, 2005
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has any one used one of those saliva test that predict your most fertile days. i saw one and just want to know how well they work...
I've never even heard of this :shock: let me know how it works if u do use it?!
What does it pick up on in your saliva?
Hello Girlies

I have tried the saliva test.... I bought one last year....... gave it a go...along with all the other great gadgets out there, and I personally found it quite tedious, its not all its cracked up to be and you need a great eye for detail.. the eye glass that you look through at different times of the month is tiny and its quite hard to differentiate the "ferning" (as they call it) how it works? well basically you spit or lick this glass on the end of the plastic tube (looks a bit like a lipstick case, and the size is quite discreet) put the top on (which has a magnifier on it) twist the bottom and a little light comes on and it shows (with great difficulty in seeing) the ferning patterns that your saliva makes when you are ovulating..... it does work...sort of, but you musn't drink for so many hours before hand as it messes up the result, I tried it for a few months but unfortunately it didn't work for me, but hey if your anything like me (after 3 years of ttc and still not preggers then you'll try anything) its quite costly for what it is, £25, but compared to other products out there........
Good luck............
Loads of baby dust to you*********************************
I've just bought a saliva thingy off e-bay. I haven't received it yet but thought it was worth a try. It cost £10.50 but as it is being sent from America the postage is £6.50

I'll let you know what I think of it when it comes

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