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Feb 10, 2005
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It seems a lot of you have your babies into a routine and they are sleeping through the night etc, but Rubie is nearly 8 weeks and still has no routine whatsoever. Will she find her own eventually or is there something am supposed to be doing? She is mainly formula fed now but still has feeding fits of wanting milk every hour, every 2 hours etc just like when she was breast fed. She has never slept though the night and sometimes only wakes once, but sometimes 2 or 3 times. Where do I go from here???
I tell Coby what his routine is, alot of people dont agree with that tho.

my HV and MW both said it takes a baby 3 hours to digest formula mik, Coby feeds every 4 hours but sometimes if he seems like he wants one earlier than that i will give him water or keep him busy untill he has gone at least 3 hours, then i will feed him.

at nights I tell him when his bedtime is, i dont let him tell me, i put him down at around 8ish wether he likes it or not, he cried at first but now he knows when he gets in his grow bag its time for bed and he goes down easy.

alot of epople dont agree with this tho, they dont think you should let a baby cry, i get told all the time, feed on demand etc, but i have found that if i install the routine from the start then the babys stick to it (all mine did anyways)

my sister let her baby tell he what to do and now she is constantly in her arms, cant put her down and feeds every 2 hours, she doesnt get time out and is very tired.

I thought I'd gotten into a routine with Ella, then it all went haywire from Tuesday. Still trying to recover now!
I don't have a routine with Seren, but she has started to fit in with me. At the moment she goes up to bed when I do about half eleven and she will sleep till about seven in the morning. She will have a nap during the day so I can have some time and then will sleep in the evening between five and seven. I am aiming to get her into a routine starting at around 3 months but at the moment with her feeding so much it is too hard for me at the moment.
Ava has a great feeding routine but when it comes to bedtime, oh man! She wakes up several times a night screaming. I think it has to do with her teething though.
I'd really like some more info on this. I'm really in agreement with Layla and would like to think I will get my baby into a routine from day one. Only problem is, is that this is my first - I feel like a crap mum already as I have no idea how often babies feed or how much sleep they need, so goodness knows how I will be able to create a routine? :shock:

I did get given a copy of Gina Fords book (think thats her name) but found it a bit hard to understand and gave up on reading it - just made me more confused and she is absoultly insistant on black out blinds - having to make major cut backs already is this really neccessary do you think???? Although if it works I dont mind paying!!!!!!

Im confused!!!!

Any advice on routine(s) would be great.

L x
L x
to be honest i think its a bit of both i mean its not like u can keep a newborn baby awake so we just went with the flow until ethan was abit bigger now we have a routine but its not set in stone

lisa i didnt know anything before having ethan either but u pick it up as u go along personally i wouldnt be feedng every 1-2 hours have u tried giving water instead hun because that sounds like baby is snacking meaning they arte never getting a full tummy if u try water in between a bigger feed say 4 oz milk and when baby next crys 2 oz water other wise u will be stuck in a rut of baby snacking u will find baby will sleep better if they have less feeds and more of a whole bottle hunni :lol:
If you don't have any commitments etc then I would advise that you don't force Rubie into a routine.
Phoebe was about 6weeks when she started going through the night but some nights she wakes up once.
She is in a feeding routine but it isn't an ideal one but because I don't really have to be anywhere at any particular time I am just going with it.
Does Rubie cry a lot in the evenings? Or seem to be really unsettled? What time is she going to bed or does it vary?
I'm only asking because Phoebe never used to go to bed until about 1am and then she'd wake every 4hrs for a feed. She'd cry from about 7pm in the evening until she finally fell asleep at 1ish.
So one night I tried putting her to bed at 7pm when she started crying and it worked!! And that's what she's been doing ever since. Sometimes she's ready for bed at 6.30pm now. I have learnt how to read her signs at night time. It all takes a while though and you will get there. :lol:
And now she is getting a decent nights sleep she is so much more settled in the day time. Jast has 3 or 4 20min power naps in the day now.
I never had a routine foor Reece until 4 weeks ago when i started him on 3 solid meals a day. Now he has his meals the same time everyday and i put him to bed at 9 whether he tired or not and he sleeps through till 7-8am. Before this routine he pretty much ate when he wanted and slept when he wanted.
I'm with Layla, we had Alex in a routine from day 1. It helped that we had to feed by the clock because he was prem, but with three others to look after, me and OH working, Alex had no choice but to fit in with our routine. I've had a gobful off quite a few people for it, but they're not the ones trying to keep things running smoothly.

We're still a bit unroutiney (is that a word?) at bedtime and put him down for the night when he's tired, although he's bathed, PJd and bottled by 8. Once he's used to his cot, the others are each getting an extra half hour before bedtime so Alex can go down at 8pm - apparantly it's not fair if Alex gets to stop up later than them. He'll cry at first, but I'd rather him cry now than later on when he'll be able to scream, climb out of his cot and throw things

We did the whole on demand thing with Charlotte and she's still a clingy nightmare. She wouldn't go to sleep by herself until she was almost one (after leaving her to climb out of the cot and throw things for a week). She's still much more of a 'spoilt brat' than the boys, who had routines from early on.

Layla I agree with you, when my husband when back to work after 3 weeks I started a routine last Monday and so far things are working well in regards to feeding. The feeds are (from the morning) 1, 5, 8, 11, 2, 5, 8, 11 each day. And yes the way we have worked it fit in with us somewhat. We are strictly following what the doctor said, making sure Kai has 8 feeds a day and it is 4oz's every feed which will probably go up a little when we have our appointment on Monday. Kai sometimes gets a little grumpy 30 minutes before his feed and it is tough having to wait and I do sometimes give in. From 2 month onwards the routine will be different and we will cut out the feeds at night.

Regarding sleeping Kai has no routine at all. Yesterday he was awake from 8 in the morning until 11 at night and was sleeping on and off since then. It was a little tiring yesterday as he always wanted attention but I think that he may be telling the difference between day and night which will be great when we cut the night feeds out.

For me the routine is working well and I am glad I established it early.
We have a sort of half routine! We feed Naomi every four hours during the day - even if we have to wake her to do it. But we rarely have to. In between times, if she wants more food, she gets it. At 11 or 12 at night then, we top her up, regardless of when her last feed was, and put her down. she usually goes 6 or 7 hours now, and has been doing that occasionally since about 4 weeks.

The paediatrician advised us to start feeding her on demand, but when we did things went haywire and we didn't feel she was waking up often enough. her weight gain is sketchy, so we went back to the old way, because we feel it's best.

A friend of mine who haas two children told me that they may get into a routine, but it changes every week! *L*

BubbleOne said:
Does Rubie cry a lot in the evenings? Or seem to be really unsettled? What time is she going to bed or does it vary?

She doesn't really seem any more unsettled at any part of the day in particular, she has unsettled periods, but they vary. she does tend to be quite unsettled first thing in a morning though, about 6am. She normally feeds between 8pm and 10pm and will sleep til 4am, when she wakes for a feed. After that she wakes every hour or 2 hours til I get up with her. If she feeds before about 8:30pm she will wake for an extra feed at 1 or 2am.

She doesn't 'go to bed' as such. Because my OH starts work at 4am he goes to bed at 9pm, so I can't put Rubie up in our room incase she wakes him. So I take her up with me, whether she is asleep or awake. I can't see a way of getting round that one til she is in her own room :?

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