Right sided rib pain... never felt pain like it!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by luratraloora, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Im 32 weeks pregnant and been so uncomfortable with my ribs on my right hand side last few days, which seems to radiate into my back. Yesterday at work and the drive home I just wanted to cry cos of the pain and discomfort.
    Booked an appt at GP this morning to see if I could get something for the pain and one of the first things she said was I should have gone to my Midwife about this (if i felt was Midwife approprate, I would have contacted them which I didnt) - which I found quite rude.
    Had to go and get some bloods done to look at my liver function and platelets to check I am not developing HELLP Syndrome as a symptom is right rib pain (??) which I will found out results of tomorrow.
    If not she just thinks its how baby led and just something will have to deal with until end of pregnancy (great care advice there) and prescribed me some Codeine if I need to take it and told me my only option if Im struggling is to get signed off work... I really wish some Doctors and Medical Professionals could be abit more caring. I wouldn't come to see them if it wasnt something that was bothering me.

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    I had terrible pain on my right side just under ribs and radiating round my back. It started around 24 weeks and got progressively worse. Liver issue was suspected - wasn't that, then gallstones - had scan and wasn't that. A few people tried to fob me off with stretching pains / how baby was lay etc but I knew it wasn't that.

    In the end at 36+ weeks the consultant diagnosed a red degenerative fibroid. He decided I had suffered enough and I was booked in to be induced 10 days later at 38 weeks. As soon as my daughter was born the pain went and I have never been so relieved in my life!

    I hope you don't suffer too much, whatever it is.
  3. millielaura

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    Jan 2, 2014
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    Omg I had this the other week. It was sooooooo sore. Was on 60mg codeine for it. Had investigations into blood clots etc as was radiating round rib into chest and upper back but all was totally fine and they said either muscular or baby had irritated some of my ribs and it hadn't had chance to heal. I know exactly the pain you mean. It's awful! I think mine lasted about a week and a half and then has got so soo much better. Sounds like it's the same as what mine was xxx

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