Restless Leg Syndrome


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Jun 25, 2007
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I Hate It! :x Every Single Night It Takes Me Ages To Fall To Sleep Because Of This, Plus a Heavy Aching Bump & Sore Back.

Anyone Else Suffering RLS?
Strangely enough, I'm suffering from RLS by proxy.... yup, my hubby has sufered with this for years & whilst it doesn't even bother him as he's asleep when is leg is involuntarily doing an Irish jig, it drives me up the wall!! Especially as I am now the size of a walrus & even make walrus-eske grunts everytime I try & shift position, which means I'm only half asleep for most of the night!!

Joking apart though, I've heard that magnesium can be good for RLS but please don't take me word for it & double check with the midwife first.
someone said about low iron cause of it but im not sure. know i had both at tehh time, when i was taking iron tabs seemed to get rid of it but thats when i remembered taking it lol got tech pill and cant remember taking it :wall:
is that were you feel like spiders in your feet? i've been getting that only in my left foot but its only on the odd day. Does it get worse the further preg you are?
You poor thing. I too have it and it's horrible especially when it's so hard to sleep now .I've had it for years. My doc told me a few months ago that tonic water is really good for RLS something to do with the quinine and I have to say mine did ease for a well but its' back now.
Give it a go.
get your OH to massage your feet - my aunt was in hospital for a long time and that was the only thing that worked for her... x

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