Remedies on Dizziness during Pregnancy

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    There are simple remedies that you can do to relieve yourself of dizziness during pregnancy.

    • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Avoid waiting long periods before eating your next meal. It is better to eat five small meals than three full meals.
    • Avoid standing up for a long time. In case you have to stand, always keep your feet moving. This should increase the blood circulation.
    • Get up slowly from bed or from your chair.
    • Don’t be too exposed to the heat.
    • Always wear loose clothing. Tight fitted clothes may restrict your blood circulation.
    • If you are anemic, make sure you have consulted your medical doctor and have undergone the necessary tests. Always consume prenatal vitamins that are high in iron as well as eat foods rich in iron. Ask your doctor for an appropriate diet for you.
    • If you feel like you are going to faint, take a sit or lie down. Stop what you are doing and try to relax. Always keep your head low and take deep breaths. Loosen any tight clothing that you are wearing. Keep the windows in your room open and let the air circulate inside.

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