Really Scared - Anyone else?


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May 27, 2005
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I am going to be totally honest, now the weeks are coming closer to my due date 28/01, I am getting extremely nervous and frightened. I really do not think I am going to cope with all the pain, I mean an internal hurts me let alone a baby trying to come out there.

As you are all aware, that's me off work now (due to the disastrous leg injury) I have been sitting watching Discovery Health all day all about midwives, maternity wards etc, and to see grown women scream in agony freaks me out. I shouldn't watch it, but I am glued. I am 22 and old enough, but I feel like a little girl again when I think about it. The epidural looks agony and I think I would pass out.

I know everyone is nervous but I have been crying to my mum ( I still need my mum, and I am going to be one soon, ironic!) and I take panic attacks everytime I think about it.

I am excited about being a mum, but feel very needy and vulnerable as I don't know what to expect. Apart from severe pain! :(
I am exactly the same and i know what to expect.

I don't want an epidural, the needle knocks me sick and don't fancy having one shoved in my back.
I coped ok on gas and air and a shot of pethadine.

As for the screaming, my midwife told me you can't scream and push effectively at the same time.

You'll be fine hun :D
I was freaked out really badly by my antenatal classes- just too much information frankly. Thing is though hun it's just going to happen, there's not much we can do about it now! I spent several weeks in total fear and panic but all I've read says that the more stressed you are the harder it is so I've just about managed to push it all to the back of my head by thinking about my baby and not what comes before.

I've banned myself from watching those programmes on birth etc as they scared me too. Try switching to the ones with toddlers having tantrums etc- sometimes the kids are cute (when they're not screaming etc!)

I was very nervous last time, and to be honest, it hurt like hell.

BUT, then at the end you get a little baby handed to you and it just seems so worth it.
I know that might not mean much to you now, but, trust me, you'll understand soon enough.

This time, I'm just so excited I can't wait to go into labour.....I know what to expect from the labour, but I know what to expect at the end too!

If it helps, an epidural took ALL my pain away last time, (for a large chunk of my labour at least) it was HEAVEN, try one if you want, you'll be amazed!
I was exactly the same 20 years ago when I had my first son KX. I went on to have another four children and this one is my sixth.
Im not going to lie to you and say that the experiences were wonderful, but I am with Urchin on this one that having an epidural is certainly the best option as its just wonderful to pain free and the situation seems so much more calmer. Once that baby is in your arms, you know that it was all worth it.

I have actually opted for an epidural this time. Just hope someone is around to give me it !!

Good luck & im sure you will be fine. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ragna xxxxx

You will also probably find the nearer you get, you will actually be less panic sticken (I felt better last few weeks)
Ragna said:
You will also probably find the nearer you get, you will actually be less panic sticken (I felt better last few weeks)

Yes- this has definitely been the case for me Kx and it's my first.

Dont think that you are alone in this KX, i still feel the same and this is baby number 3!!! I have c sections but i have experienced labour with my first.

The best way to try and look at it is that with each contraction you are a step nearer to holding your baby. and there is nothing in this world that can you give you that feeling of holding your baby for the first time.

i had a epi-spinal, and whilst this was uncomfortable it didnt really hurt (more of an ache). they give you a local in your back beforehand and it takes a lot of the pain away.

I am sure that you will be fine and the within a week of giving birth you will be wondering why you were so scared.

stop watching those programmes and watch something nice instead.

take care

Im getting Induced tomorrow morning and Im getting scared!!!

Watched desperate midwifes last night, I was in floods of tears when the babies arrived thinking how close I am, but there was this women - apparently a 2nd time mum, and she was a nightmare, made it look awful by screaming and crying hysterically!!!!

Scared the life out of me :shock: oh and yesterday after my mums comments (see -'my first rant' thread!)

Will be glad when its over :?
Well, I went through a phase a few weeks ago where I was a bit scared but honestly I am trying to think of it like Rosebay... It's going to happen anyway no matter what. :roll:

Someone told me recently that Ireland has the highest rate of elective caesarean in europe! :shock: I guess we're not the only ones that feel scared, eh? But I think...if you are already designed to do this, then try. Things might surprise you. My boss was in talking to me lastnight and she has four kids - was a max of 5 hours in labour with all of them and all of them were born inside thirty minutes. Just think of this as a short time when you pay (literally) an affordable price to have your baby, your bundle of joy. :D

I also read somewhere that relaxation is the key. I know you're about to pass the equivalent of a watermelon through a tiny opening, but apparently first time mums make it harder for themselves by panicking. Now I'm not the type to panic, but it's all new so i'd say I'll do some panicking inside at least! I'm going to try pregnancy yoga though, if I can find a class, so hopefully I will be grand. And if I'm not, I'll chalk it up and know better next time and scream...GIVE ME DRUGS!!! :lol:

*HUG* You want to talk, PM me.

I was really scared before but now i'm just excited. i know it is going to hurt but i just don't feel frightened. Everyone deals with pain as they are going through it so i'm not going to stress myself thinking about it until it is here.

Just hope my baby girl is ok and that the experience isn't too traumatizing for her really.

am i weird :?
Im excited but also pooing myself about tomorrow!!!!

I think alot of that is because Im not keen on hospitals either. I really wanted to go into labour naturally as well - oh well, just hope its got all its fingers and toes!!!
Thanx so much for your advice ladies, I am just trying to take each day as it comes. My OH hasn't a clue, all he keeps telling me is oh you'll be fine, it won't be that bad. Easy for men to say considering we are the one's going through it.

Speaking of which, he is away queuing at Tesco until midnight to get the XBox 360. Boys and their toys!

My worst fear is I am sick when I am in pain, I will probably be like the girl from exorcist when I am in labour.

Big hugs to you all, and Urchin, hurry up I am getting sooo xcited for you now! xxx :p
I have to say that I at the moment I am not at all frighttened of labour.

I thought I would be getting terrified by now but it still hasn't happened.

I've read so many times that the more you panic the more it hurts so I am drumming it into myself every day that it will be OK. Seems to be working so far.

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