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May 11, 2005
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I weighed myself this morning which is something I said I wouldn't do till after the birth but was intrigued.

I was so pleased to see that I have only gained just over a stone since pre pregnancy. I lost a bit at the beginning due to feeling so crap and not really eating so have probably gained more as I don't know how much i lost.

Don't want to rub anyone's noses in it but as I am sure you will understand for a girl who put on 4 stone with each of my other two and started this pregnancy at a size 18 you can see why I am relieved!!

Hopefully once I get cracking with breastfeeding I will loose the extra and a little bit more too hopefully!!

I will be a size 12 again one day!!!! :wink: (I have been saying that for about 6 years now!!)

Thats brilliant!

I've reached my target of two stone which I thought was OK, but 1 stone! That must be such a relief to you after your other gains!

Well done babe!
that's great hun :)
i have no idea how much weight i have put on - haven't weighed myself for ages and neither has the midwife.
Whats nice is that the midwife has said that from the size of the baby at the moment she would expect at least an 8lb baby.........that's half of it gone straight away!! And then another 1lb for the placenta!!
And then another couple of pounds from the water and another pound or two when the uterus goes back to normal!

Plus any blood loss and fluid retention to be lost!

You'll weigh less than pre-preggers in 24 hours!
I so hope so!! Then hopefully I can loose the other 4 stone that I need to shift anyway!!!
yeah kerry...i know how you feel!
I too have only put on just over a stone, and like you lost a bit in early pregnancy. Its great to think that most of it will be gone overnight hey?!
Im just hoping that after baby my chocolate cravings will go, although people keep telling me they always wanted chocolate whilst breast feeding.
hels said:
Im just hoping that after baby my chocolate cravings will go, although people keep telling me they always wanted chocolate whilst breast feeding.

That is so true, I hardly ever ate chocolate when pregnant, now I am breast feeding I am always eating the damn stuff. Seren's clothes have bits of melted chocolate on the back , am such a pig :oops:
OMG im in trouble.......ive put on about 4 stone already and I still have 5 weeks left, Although saying that i do have water retention everywhere, I keep making excuses like that up!
awww well done hunny.

I feel so big already, mind you have devloped an increased taste for chocolate!.

Thank goodness for that!! I thought I was the oly one still craving chocolate after giving birth, sometimes it's all I eat all day, and I never even liked it before!! :oops:
NOOOOOOO Kim dont tell me that!!
I was expecting the craving to vanish...just like that (clicks fingers) after baby.
i must be slim for wedding!! OH started diet in new year, he has lost his sympathy belly already NOT FAIR! he's way ahead of me!
My worst craving when pregnant was pepsi. I was even drinking it during labour!! But the moment she was born I went off it and threw the rest of the can away lol :lol:
Thats better!! I will hate instantly. i will only like veg, salad and fruit!!!
Well done Kerry, i think i have put on about 2 stone so far but havent been weighed at all by MW and didnt know my weight before, my ankles are huge with fluid so i hope its that and a big baby!

Well done you, you'll be back to normal in no time (oh and my MW says the placenta can be up to 2-3lbs, so there another bit you'll loose he he)


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