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Discussion in 'Secondary Infertility' started by Aimeelea88, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Hi guys, little bit of a background of me.....Im 28 with two children aged 11 & 12 my youngest was born at 25+4 weeks i was very ill and got an infection, it took a while to fully recover from the trauma and the infection her father when walked out when she was 3 months old (she had only been home a day) Roll forward to 2011 Me and my partner (who im still with) start trying for a baby together and nothing is happening I visit my gp to get some help to be slapped with "did you finish your treatment for chlamydia" I sat looking at him like do you even have my records up ive never had that, turns out I tested positive about 2 months after my youngest was born and a letter was sent out a few weeks after to get me medication to treat it :/ I spoke to a person i called family as he was helping me after my ex left and he admitted my ex was sleeping with a girl we was both friends with through out my pregnancy and that he knew he had chlamydia but didn't think anything of it, when a letter came for me from the sexual health clinic my "friend" opened the letter saw i had caught it and threw it away so i wouldn't be mad at my ex (think walking out on your newborn and girlfriend was the worst part at the time)...
    I had scans and blood test everything came back ok then in 2014 I got told I most likely have blocked tubes and will be referred for surgery, they never did send me. I moved to Ireland and my new gp explained that Chlamydia doesn't always cause blocked tubes sometimes it can prevent ovulation or maybe the timing just hasn't been right :shock: she was really helpful and told me to keep trying but using different methods (sperm meets egg plan/every-other day etc) and she will send me to the fertility center and my partner for sperm testing (he has that on the 15th needless to say i have a great feeling he is perfectly fine).
    My lmp was 3rd august my bleed was bad so i took the mini pill the 2nd/3rd and 4th day to slow the bleed (with my gps consent obviously) I got my usual ovulation pains then brown spotting 5dpo/6dpo and 7dpo Im 8/9 days late but im assuming this is because of the pill! would it make me this late? :wall2: I know im not pregnant surely if it was going to happen it would of done by now
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    Hi hun

    I don't know about the effect of the pill on your period but I'm absolutely horrified at how you were treated by both your partner and his friend. Words cannot express.

    It sounds like you have a helpful new GP so I hope that you get the solutions you seek xxx

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