Really Bad Aching Pelvis


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May 13, 2005
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Does anyone else have this. It's a nightmare at night and I can;t turn over very well now and then when I move or walk about it aches like mad. It's worse at night. Cramps getting worse too :( Is there no end to the aches and pains :)
Hey Hun,

I have this it is called SPD, you should tell your midwife about it and you get referred to a physio.
It is painful to walk, turn over in bed, stand on one leg ( to put pants on), go up stairs and just general everyday things.

It's caused by the hormone relaxin that is produced in pregnancy, its released to make sure your pelvis opens for child birth but some people's bodies release too much and it doesn't give you the stability- hense the pain.

I am 26 weeks now and i am struggling to walk, its very painful.

Make sure your midwife knows, she can offer you support, plus if it gets too bad it may restrict your child birth positions as you won't be able to open your legs enough.

Hope this helps :D :D :D :D
Thanks hun, I have my midwife this week so will tell her. I hope yours gets better.

it will only get worse till after the baby is born!! unfortunately!!!!

I get used to it- i had it with my first but it gets worse every pregnancy i believe so i wont be having any more!!
Yes me too, I have SPD and its a nightmare. Especially when your trying so hard to get comfortable for sleep.
I ve been giving one of those belts to wear for walking, its ok but after a while it doesnt half make your back ache.
Didnt realise it got worse with every pregnancy!!!!! Oh my word! I didnt have it with my first so was a bit of a shock this time.
Pains Pains and even ends in more pains!!!! At least theres a lovely bundle of joy at the end of it.
I have one of those belts as well, i also got given a grabber, a perching stool and a shoe horn!! very OAP!!

I had it very mild with Amy but no where near as bad as this time, with every pregnancy your muscles get looser obviously so thats why it gets worse, so the physio told me.

Oh well, it has become part of daily life for me, i finish work in 3 weeks so i can relax and take it easy.


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