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May 13, 2005
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I have just bought some RL tea and some tablets. Just having a cup of the tea and it's vile. Do you really get used to it if you drink more. I can't see myself actually enjoying this! How many cups of this vile stuff do you drink a day?

I bought the tea and tablets though haven't started either yet (Pregnancy and Birth magazine said you can take it from 30 weeks but I didn't fancy early labour!).
I was planning on having maybe 3 cups of tea and 3 tablets a day. I don't know what's worse, as I hate taking tablets!
I've out sugar with it so I hate to think what it would taste like without it. I take 2 tablets but thinking I may up it to 3 or 4. The tablets don't taste too bad as I sucked on one the other day, not for long though. I also managed to snort a load of loose tea leaves last night from the packet when I was sniffing the tea leaves to give me some insight to what lay ahead. That didn't do anything either :)

Hiya Emma,
Where did you get the tea from? Been looking for it but cant find it.
Also this may sound an odd question, I know its good for you but what is it actually for?

Off out now but thought I'd reply to ya quickly while I checked. I got them from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk they sell the actual tablets and the tea bags.

Its meant to stimulate the uterus and bring on labour. Also can ease labour and help you have a shorter 2nd stage of labour (just read that LOL). Oh just read this too: Another herbal remedy that can be used in conjunction with raspberry leaves is squaw vine. Like raspberry leaves, it has traditionally been considered a useful aid to labour and childbirth. As its name suggests, North American Indian women regularly took it in the weeks leading up to childbirth. Like raspberry leaves, it is a uterine tonic which helps to ease and speed up labour and birth.

Wonder if you can buy that too.

Thanks girls. It wont bring on labour this early though will it????
I must be twisted as I quite like it! Mind you I like all sorts of weird herb teas (lavender for example) so I must be sick! I got mine loose in Fresh and Wild- a kind of veggie supermarket that we have here in Bristol. The lady on the herbal counter said to drink one cup a day until 36-37 weeks and then up it to 3 or 4 a day. I did some online research and apparently it doesn't start labour it tones your uterine muscles making the second stage of labour more productive (I guess stronger muscles?). There has been a clinical trial of it in New Zealand (or Australia- I forget) and they found that it decreased the chances of you having medical intervention in the second stage significantly. So I'm all for that!

Nettle tea is supposed to guard against major blood loss afterwards and is apparently full of fabulous vitamins and minerals that are great for pregnant ladies too.

Was just reading in my "What to expect" that under no circumstances should you drink raspberry leaf tea in the third trimester as it has been known to induce early labour... or in the first as it has been linked to miscarriage. Green tea, too, is out because it may impede proper cell development.

Be careful, girls!

hi ladies

i took the tablets from 34 weks and ended up having danielle at 39 weeks exactly.

i was taking 3 tablets a day
On the packets it advises to take. On the tablets it's not to be taken before 28 weeks and the tea says to drink from 34 weeks or something.

I did check with my midwife though and she said to go for it...?

Mine too so I have started taking it, 4 tablets a day at the moment (not brave enough to try the tea!)
Tried the tea today with a teaspoon of honey and it was NICE!

I actually enjoyed it and it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.
cos of mix up in dates ive been taking since was 23wks ish and no help yet!
my midwife said should notbe taken untill after 36 weeks and only 4 bags a day as it can induce early labour before that
i started taking at 23wks cos thought was 33wks!!
cos tablets u can start from 32wks!!
Well I have to say I got mine from Holland and Barrett, thanks Rosieroo.
Its tastes lovely. I got the tea bags and at the moment Im having one cup a day. Have read in a magazine somewhere that from around 36 weeks you can have as many cups as you like.

Not sure if it will bring on my labour before my due date, although my mid wife said the other day she reckons my bubba will arrive early anyway. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
I think that maybe I like it as I spent a lot of time before drinking green teas. Now Raspberry Leaf tea is nothing compared to plain green tea. Yeeeeeeuck!

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