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Jun 4, 2005
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My AF is three days late. I've done two tests and they were both negative.
Is it possible to get a false negative even though it's three days after AF or am I just getting my hopes up again?
Hi Lucy

I've heard about some women taking weeks to get a BFP result.

Are you charting and recording your temps? Do you know when you ovulated? What is your temperature like?

Fingers crossed you get your BFP.

I'm not charting but I am using ovulation sticks. BUT, i didn't use them this month. We BD on day 9 and then my husband was away on business for a week so I think it'll be amazing if I am pregnant but it's strange that AF is so late and I have really sore boobs too :oops:
I'm trying not to get my hopes up but if I don't get AF by Sat, I'll test again.
Fingers crossed!
Hi hun

I had to miss 2 periods before i would show up on a test when i was pregnant with my son, i have no idea why it took so long to show.

fingers crossed for you that its just a bit to early, really hope you get your BFP soon

Well, AF was due Monday and it's now Saturday and still no sign of her!
I've done four tests and all negative. Most recent one I did last night and no sign of even a faint line.

I've got really sore nipples but that seems to be the only symptom I have.
It's SO hard not to get your hopes up but I'm normally as regular as clockwork so I just don't get what's going on!

Any ideas girls?
Sounds really promising Lucy!!!

I really hope you get your BFP!!

Sam xx
Are you testing first thing in the morning? Your hormone will be at it's strongest then so try a morning test. Good luck hun (PM'd you the other day btw)
Thanks girls for your messages.
Sami - i pm'd you back - thanks for your little message!
Well, it'll be six days in the morning so I'm going to do the last test in the packet when I wake up.
Fingers crossed!!
Lucy x
Good Luck Lucy, i really hope you are :D

good luck xx hope u get a BFP another 1 b4 christmas good luck xx
Did my last test this morning and got another BFN!
AF is a week late tomorrow! I don't get it?!
I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it's so hard.
it takes 14 days to show up on a test from conception.

it might be possible that you caught late in your cycle this month.

sorry to be personal, but when was the last time you did the deed? lol
Really hoping that it is a BFP for you Lucy! Keep us informed xxx
Fingers crossed for you Lucy, be great to have another August Babe. Hope you get your BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep us posted.

Love Davinia.xx
Hi all,
Layla, the last time we BD was on the 9th day of my cycle because then my husband was away on business.
I just spoke to my sister-in-law and she said that she didn't get a positive result until 10 days after her AF was due so I am HOPING that MAYBE that's what's happening with me. I can't think of another reason why AF would be so late when I'm normally so regular.
The suspense is killing me!
Good luck lucy, sounds promising!! really hope you get your BFP!
The waiting must be driving you mad!!!

Steph x
Keeping my fingers crossed for you - you deserve this

Thinking about you

Keep us posted

L x

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