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Apr 24, 2005
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Saw my midwife today, everything was fine apart from little Ella's heartbeat started off going like the clappers at 160-180 bpm so I had to go and sit out in the waiting room for 10 mins, when I went back in she'd stabilised at a normal 150-160bpm, phew!!

The MW said that her head was down and had dropped into my pelvis and that it was very very unlikely it would pop out now. Does this mean that she could come on time/early? (I should've asked but we were a bit worried about her heartbeat).
Hi, I think what she means is that the babys head is now in the right position for labour and when she said it wouldnt pop up I think she would have mean that it wouldnt pop back up out of the pelvis again.

its all good, means your baby isnt in a breach position.

My babies head is down now as well.
My babies head was down for 3 weeks and I was hoping he'd stay but the bugger has turned himself breech during the weekend - I can feel his head pushing me ribs on the right hand side and his feet kicking my my left hip, so slightly transverse.

I'd be pleased if my baby was head down and not likely to pop back out now. I don't think it means baby will come earlier unless you were fully engaged and she said something to you.

Glad her heartbeat slowed back down - I swear they have a little mad session in there every now and again and get themselves all excited!! :lol:

hth xx

(p.s. tried to find you yesterday for a chat .... dont know if you saw the post?)
(p.s. tried to find you yesterday for a chat .... dont know if you saw the post?)

Nooooo, off to investigate......

Sorry I should've made myself clearer - I know she meant pop out as in pop out of my pelvis and turn breach - I just didn't know if it meant it was a good sign the baby would be on time? I checked my notes and it says 4/5 (yay a new countdown :D)
My midwife wouldn't tell me how much bean's head was engaged :( . She said that it was normal for the head to be engaged a few weeks before with your first and that it diodn't necessarily mean anything will happen for a while. I would have still liked to have known though, just so I knw that things are happening. She did say baby was head down, I now know that what I thought were kicks is baby punching, I have a little boxer in me :D and what I though was the head is in fact its bum pushing my tummy out of shape. Lets hope I don't get that mixed up when baby is here otherwise I'll hae some interesting nappy incidents. Glad all was ok with the heartbeat, maybe she got excited about knowing you could hear her x

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