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Question about midwife appointment


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Oct 17, 2007
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Hi all! :wave:

When I had my first midwife appointment at about 8 weeks she said I'l be seeing her again at 16 weeks. Does anyone know if I make the appointment myself or do i get one sent out?? I cant remember anything from first time round! :doh:
if i remember from when i had my so i booked all my M/W appointments .

But things might have changed since then. :roll:

Sorry couldn't be much help :hug:
I book all my own. She tells me when she next wants to see me and I book as I leave the GP's surgery.

I think it depends on your area. Ask and see what they say.
I'm the same, she tells me when to book and I do so at reception on the way out.
It may be different depending on where you live
Same her, she tells us how many weeks time she wants to see us and we either book in there and then with her if going to the local Childrens Centre for our appt or go to reception in the Drs if going there and they make our appt.

Ring her if you are unsure :D
Thanks all. Will phone the surgery first thing on monday.

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