Query on Bleeding/Period after Miscarrying


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Feb 25, 2005
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I would like some info please as I'm starting to get a bit pee'd off with my body!!! :(

I started miscarrying on 27th Feb @ 8weeks. I miscarried naturally and bled for a further 2 weeks, then the discharge started looking a bit pus like so I went to the Dr's and was given a weeks course of antibiotics (a swab was sent off & the results were normal - no infection). I then bled - very lightly- for a further 2 weeks (the last 4 days of which it was more dark coloured and I thought might be my 1st period). I then had 5 days of no bleeding, but discharging a clear/white mucus & now today I'm bleeding again (7 weeks after miscarriage started).

Is this normal? Am I just starting my period now? Should I see a Dr?

Any advice from people who have miscarried would be much appreciated as I'm hating this cycle of every time I go to the loo not knowing what I'll find. AND continuing to wear sanitary pads is sooooooo demoralising!
I'm getting totally demoralised.

I'm now at 9 weeks since start of miscarriage and don't know what's wrong with my body.

Since my AF started (assuming that's what it is) I've been bleeding heavily for 10 days - normally it's only 4-5 days long. My best friend - who misscarried approx 3 years ago - said that it didn't sound 'normal'! Great!

Guess I'll be going to the Dr's tomorrow!
I do not mean to scare you. But I advise that you go to the docs to see what the problem is. I misscarried in Jan at 7 and a half weeks. I was bleeding for 5 days then at the end of feb my period came naturally. I know each and every one id different but i advise that you go to the docs. It will be a whole weight off your mind, and off everyone elses. Keep in touch and let us know what happens. I hope everything will be ok. Love Danielle x
Hi Dani,

Thanks for your response.

I went to Dr's today & had another pregnancy test done (to check if there was any possibility of tissue still left in my womb), but that came back negative.

I'm now on a weeks course of pills to control the bleeding & have to go back to Dr's in 3 weeks to check progress, do another urine sample, & possibly have an internal. Deep Joy! :( I just wish this whole sad saga was at an end.
Hi, I feel so sad for you. Nobody deserves that to happen to them. I had a misscarriage in jan. I am not even going to try and asy i know how you feel because i dont. Each and every misscarriage is different. You said you were 8weeks. I hope nothing like that happens to me again. I am 8wks and 2days. oh shit. I am scared. x

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