Putting a name to a face/Who is Who???


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Dec 16, 2005
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Hi ...

I thought it would be nice to post a pic of each of us so we can put a name to a face ...

We post pics of our bellies and go through this amazing journey with each other .... show each other in our due months scans of our baby ... But ..

What do you mum's to be look like???

I hope this takes off it would be nice to see who is who ...

Take care, love


Pic of me waiting to go to church before my blessing to my OH on the 7th Jan 06
This is me & my hubby on our wedding day in Antigua on 15th December 2005.


Would you belive i brought that with 5 hours before i had to be at the church!!! (Trapsing round Larnaca when i should have been preparing food!!)

It was the only thing that would fit me at such short notice!!! Thanks i liked it .... Your wedding dress looks gorgeous hun ...

okay - why wont it work! if you click on the wording it will bring the photo up but i don't understand why it's not there to see.

thank you..

you both look amazing too! I love a good wedding! or blessing!!! always bring a tear to the eye...

can't believe you was out shopping for a dress for your blessing Imi just 5 hours before...
Hayley ...

Im renowned for coming up with good ideas about 48hours before i want them done ... thats what happened with the blessing !!!!

My poor OH ... it was my friend rachel i felt sorry 4, she was doing my buffet for me and i was dragging her round with me till minus 5 hours before kick off !!!

(Im such a bitch!!!) Lol weddings are fun ... mines next year ... want the baby first the wedding can wait lol!!!
imi - it's lovely planning a wedding... i really enjoyed planning mine! i made all the invites myself... you'll need more than 5 hours thou to plan the day....

This is me and my OH, it a pic I've posted before on this forum, but it's the only good one of us, without one of us either with our eyes shut or pulling a stupid face.

Everyone looks soooo cute!!! (Thinks my hormones are making me slushy!!)

Deffo will be taking more than 48hours to plan the wedding hayley and already have picked my dress ....

So won't be running around 5 hours before the kick off lol!!

Sam i think that photo looks nice ... Greg has a habbit of either having his eyes closed or looking like he is constipated!!!
Hi all,

Great pics!

Just thought i would add to them and post a pic of me and my hubbie.....so everyone know's who their talking too.

Here is us on our wedding day 16th July 05


.......and here is a more recent one, at our local tapas bar!!

Amy xx
Awwww !!!

Well i got a pic of my OH ... Taken in Feb 06, he is the one standing on the number 1 spot of the podium...

He'd just won the squadrons Motor racing day out championships in Cyprus .... I was soooooo proud!!!


Here is a picture of me & my hubby. We got married in Sept 04

Hope this works


I dont know how to add a pic, can anyone explain pls xxxx
Hi Keely

Photos that I want to add to forums I save in www.photobucket.com, I then copy the url for it and paste it in the message, I hope that makes sense


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