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May 11, 2005
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Is my son psychic??

My friend gave birth to a baby boy on friday - all through her pregnancy my son who is 5 told her it was a boy and you couldn't tell him otherwise as he 'just knew'.

Ever since we told him I was pregnant he has told me it's a girl and if anyone suggests a little brother he says 'no it's a girl cause I know it is'. I heard the heartbeat for the first time yesterday which was 158 (indicating a girl maybe?).

I have a girl and a boy already so really don't mind what I have this time but will be really amazed if it is a girl and he is right again.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with children?
hi there kerry,

Im a psychic meduim, i dont practice it at the mo due to the pregnancy (dont want to take any risks) but i used to read people all the time, online and off.

My daughter has the gift too, she "see's" things and tells me if there is anyone in the house (spirit people) before i even pick up on it.

Children are very open to these gifts so it does sound like he is in tune with it.
has he ever mentioned "seeing" anyone? or knows things before they are going to happen before?

I wouldnt worry about it tho, if he is not meant to carry on with this gift, as he gets older he will close off to it natrualy.

you will have to let us know if and when you findout the babys sex, wether it is a girl :)
I am not worried about it at all - I have always been slightly psychic......seen things, had faces come to me when I close my eyes, had strong feelings about places etc. I am convinced that if I had been encouraged as a child rather than told to 'stop being silly' then I would have even more of a gift now. I am keen to encourage all my children to keep up any psychic abilities they have for that reason.

I have asked him if someone has told him the baby is a girl but he said no, he just knows. He is a very sensitive little boy and does sometimes talk about people who I have never heard of but then he has a great imagination too!!

I guess it is just facinating me as I have such an interest in this kind of thing........I would love to be able to have the kind of abilities you have, though I guess there are downsides to it as in every vocation!.

Good luck with your pregnancy and I will keep you posted.

Much love
if you have the gift its easily developed hun if you wanted to.

It is such a wonderfull gift to have i think, as long as you can take the bad with the good, but the good far out weight the down sides to it
I would love to but wouldn't know where to start!!

I bought a book called Psychic development but it was more about teaching you visualisation which I can do really easily anyway so I gave up with that after a while!!

Any advice?
yeah a have loads of ideas for you, it does start of with visualisation exercises, just alot more in depth and you need to be aware of whats around you etc.

once you have the hang of them i can show you how to really get started, which is about protection, grounding and opening up.

I will write out the visual meditations for you along with everything you need to know and PM you with them later

Thanks very much Layla!!

I have been a bit bored since taking a year off from work and this will give me a project to keep my mind occupied!

You're a star!!
Wow! You will have to let us know if your little un is right! Ive always been interested in psycics (spelt that a bit wrong). I have a very strong intuition and my gut feelings have always been right about people, job applications, interviews etc. I am having very strong gut feelings that Im having a girl and am always being drawn to the girly things in shops. i dont want to be to cocky about it but i will be amazed if I was right. i have a book called trusting your vibes which is quite good. If anyone has any advice that would be great.

Leanne x x x x
Hi Kerry and Layla

My sister in law and hubby are quite pyschic, although my husband isnt really ready to develop his skill. He often sees things and hears things but just puts it down to his mental development!!!lol.

My second son is also convinced that this is a baby girl and you cant change his mind. so i will have to wait and see.

My sister in law has been told that she should develop her skills, but i keep telling her to join a circle at the local spiritulist church. is that the right way to go about it?

hi hun

yes spiritulist church's are a grat way to devolp, they should hold open circles which is what your sister will need to join.

they take you throught the visual mediations that i gave to kerry, then will carry on to teh next step from there,

let us know if your son is right about you having a girl :)

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