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    For anyone who hasn't managed to watch this yet I'd recommend it.
    It'll make you cry, frustrate you and even make you angry sometimes but it'll give you an insight into people and their problems that you perhaps wouldn't otherwise ever have.

    It's still available on the BBC iPlayer site.

    I have to admit prior to watching this I had very little understanding about what the actual role of a social worker is? What use are they? Is all the negative press they get completely accurate? I can now safely say I take my hat off to them. They do what I see as an almost impossible and thankless job with members of society who in so many cases just don't want to be helped. They put themselves in constant danger from verbal and physical attacks. They have to deal with the emotional fallout from seeing so many children suffer and above all else they get a lot of blame when in actual fact the person they're trying to help is just a lost cause.

    Now for the controversial part:

    Having seen 2 episodes so far I'm now a firm believer in sterilising individuals (male and female) who are not fit to raise a child. The last episode, the couple featured had had SEVEN yes 7 children put into care and they then fell pregnant with baby number 8. Throughout her pregnancy she drank heavily, chain smoked and took various overdoses. Can you imagine the impact on that little baby?
    She stayed true to her word for 5 weeks after the baby was born in terms of not drinking and not getting back into her destructive relationship and then she disappeared for 14 hours and was found collapsed drunk at her ex's house with the baby in tow.
    She was given so much help, support and encouragement by her social services team, all of it free! And still her child wasn't enough for her to pick herself up and actually do the right thing.

    I know many people will say "well she clearly has problems" and I don't dispute that but sterilisation should still be the only option for her and her ex now. What about those poor children? One day they'll know what they came from. The fact that they weren't enough for their parents to make changes to keep them and 1 after the other they were just put into care. How will this knowledge affect them, their wellbeing and future relationships?
    Too many people blame other factors in their life for their problems, bad childhood, bad relationship, never stood a chance etc etc. While I know for many what they suffer is so terrible that they really can't find a way forward, I think there are many more who are too damn lazy and will no matter how much help and support is thrown at them, throw it right back at you.

    A mistake can be swallowed like a bitter pill if it happens once even twice but 8 times with all those innocent children? No, enough is enough.

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