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Jul 10, 2005
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Has anyone else felt pain where the babys head is??
I feel as though shes stretching her legs and pushing them on my ribs then i get a shooting pain down below, and alot of pressure.
I dont know what she is doing down there lately but she wont stop moving.
I had my 38 week appointment today and i had a fill in doctor and he said because fo my signs she will be here soon, but doesnt know how soon?? Tried to look at his charts but couldnt see, as they dont tell you everything, he said if shes not here by monday my next appointment then they will do an internal and see if im dialated at all.
No ones had a baby here so far this week so we gotta get them coming again, its wierd hwo everyone of us slpwed down now???
It'll prob be one of you ladies who arent preg for the first time as you usually dont go iver due.
Well take care
Hello me agian

Well i just posted but just wondering if anyone else, has had bad runs at all.
I started getting them yesterday night and stopped during the day and just started back up tonight.
My doc said today usually when you get closer you tend to have them form baby pushing down.
But could it be form taking Cod liver oil on the weekend, i have stopped since sunday though
My tummy feels really ill, is there a certain amount of tiomes you go that isnt good??
Sorry probably a silly question i just gert paranoid.
hi hun,

there is no way of knowing when your baby will come, thats prob why the doc didnt say anything other than "soon"

I know you can have a clear out when you are near to labour tho so maybe thats what your getting? or like you said, it might be the Cod liver oil you took.

I have had a funny tummy for a couple of days now, dont need the loo but i have been feeling sick on and off.

hopfuly we wont have to wait to much longer

I had sickness and dioreah (sp) last night along with severe period like cramps. Not sure whether I have a tummy bug or its something else. The cramps took a while to calm down and eventually disappear but Im still not feeling right this morning :(

Its 549am here and i omly slept 4 hours which is good for me.
When i layed down last night i had cramping agaion as well and lower back pain. So i dontknow maybe we have a bug going around but not sure abut going from here towhere you guys are lol, all i know is my tummy is still upaet so will see what today is like of me.
Well thanks for your replys talk to you soon.
I had diarhea a few days before i went into labour. GOOD LUCK :D:D:D

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